This Emotional Report By Brenda Mngusuul Uji Will Make You Pause For One Moment To Appreciate Nigerian Soldiers Fighting In The North-East To Keep Us Safe


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The pains families of soldiers in the Northeast go through can only be imagined. Every report of casualty is met with fear. The only news they want to hear is, their son, husband or brother is safe, and deployed out.

In celebration of the Armed Forces Remembrance Day, which took place on the 15th of January, a Nigerian journalist, Mngusuul Uji tweeted about the experiences of the armed forces at the war front.

The long weeks fighting in the jungle, depression, fearing death, feeling like quitting, missing family, feeling unappreciated, feeling your labour is in vain… can’t be adequately imagined by us.

We want to use this opportunity to say thank you to our armed forces. To the women who lost their husbands, sons or brothers, we pray that God comforts and strengthens you. We love you!

Read her emotional thread below

My first time in travelling in the Northeast combat area, gunfire started. Scared to pieces, I screamed. One of the soldiers in the truck looked at me and asked, Aunty, don’t you like this ringtone? Should we change it for you? Tuesday is Armed Forces Remembrance Day; this..

…thread is dedicated to Nigerian troops, who are fighting/have fought/will fight insecurity not only in the Northeast, but all over the country. It chronicles memorable experiences, stories of bravery, fear, passion, love, anger, sorrow, in the combat zone…

Follow Who Know Road: Destination- Gamboru Ngala. It was a very slow journey. A portion of the route was bad, and in those places, IEDs could be buried by BH. So we wait for the EOD to manually clear before others drive thru. Each car drives following the tyre marks of the one-

DADDY’S VOICE: This one is about an Air force fighter pilot then based in Yola, who had been there for long, and couldn’t travel home often enough to see his wife and baby. “I’m always worried my baby will be growing without recognising me. So anytime I call my wife, I try to…

speak to the baby. She can’t speak/ understand me now, but I’m hoping that at least she’ll get familiar with my voice, so that when I go home, I won’t be so much of a stranger to her”.

LOST BESTMAN- “My wedding was due in a few weeks. We had one operation before I would take a pass and go home. My close friend was to be my best man. He was excited because his pregnant wife would also come for the wedding and he could see her. He died in the operation”.

LET ME HEAR YOU BREATH: My wife warned me not to send anyone to call her on my behalf if I’m out of network area.The shock from “are you X’s wife” may traumatise her before she hears the rest of the msg. Often, after we speak on phone, she’ll refuse to cut the call, she tells me, let me just hear you breathing, even if you’re sleeping.

PT 1:OGA SHINE YOUR EYES: A convoy of BH were heading towards our location. My platoon was tasked to go and ambush them. After several hours lieing in wait, they came, and we rained hell on them. It was so intense you couldn’t hear your own rifle noise, only feel it jerk in your-

NORMAL HUMANS AT LAST: Location was somewhere in Kangarwa, Northern Borno. It was hot, dusty, dry. The soldiers had been on a long, weary advance, and it was obvious from their appearance. I could see they weren’t in a good mood, and seeing senior officers was an opportunity for-

– them to lay out their challenges. It didn’t take long for them to cheer up and start “hailing” Oga once issues were addressd.Then they turned to me. They wanted to snap with me, to stand behind me while I took the stand up for my report.”Maybe someone from my house will watch-

Until I returned to Maiduguri and started making the calls.The first one was a letter and money. I was to put the money in his wife account, so she’ll celebrate his daughters eighth’ birthday, and fix a broken chair the house. Me: “Hello, are you X’s wife? She:JESUS (screaming)

…I had to calm her down, assure her the husband was alive, only out of network area. As I read his message, she sobbed quietly. I didn’t know when I started crying with her. Had to take a break before calling the others. And it was no longer a simple task for me.

The next day, I would receive calls from several other people, my number had been shared to more family members, someone had finally seen their sons, and they were alive. One mother told me,”My daughter, God bless you. This message you’ve given me, I can finally sleep well.

INCOMPLETE NARROW ESCAPE: We were advancing for a certain operation, and I was in a hurry to see what was happening ahead. One of the soldiers told me he just wasn’t feeling comfortable, we should cross to the other side of the road. A few minutes later, we heard an explosion…

The team behind me had stepped on an IED on the side we just left. It was the Engr crew, who had just disabled another IED earlier. I was lucky to have escaped, but how can you truly be happy when your colleagues have fallen by your side?

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