This Is How Adesuwa Aighewi Wants To Change The Way The World Sees Africa


Adesuwa Aighewi wants to change the way the world sees Africa.

To many non-Africans, Africa is a place of never-ending wars, ruins, hunger and poverty but Adesuwa is looking at changing this perspective.

Born in the US to a Nigerian father and a Chinese mother, Adesuwa could only go into modeling after she had completed her science degree.

“Instead of me being a doctor helping one person at a time, now, as the face of something, I can help thousands more. I’m prepared to spend the rest of my life fighting”, she told Vogue on the reason for her chosen career path.

Now, she is looking at getting a beauty contract to fund her mission to make a TV series about Africa, to show that not only sad stories come out of the continent.

“I want to show what Africa is from an African’s point of view, and the quickest way to educate people is through pop culture. I want people to see the art, creativity and joy there is, and how much the world would benefit from Africa’s resources”, she said.

According to her, doing this is not to influence her personal profile.

“I hate the term ‘giving back’ because it implies that you’re better than what you’re giving. It’s our moral obligation, our duty to reach out and help, just like you would pick up a child who has fallen down.”

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