This Is Why Joy Edjeren Left Nollywood For Good


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Joy Edjeren has shared why she left the movie industry in a Facebook video.

The actress featured in Cage, The Groom’s Bride, Governor’s Gift, The Game and several other movies, but in 2012, something happened to Joy and she decided to wave goodbye to making movies, especially the ones that are non-christian.

According to Joy, since she gave her life to Christ, she hasn’t done any production.

Joy was on a movie set in Ghana when she suddenly felt she had to travel to the US to buy new outfits and jewelries for the movie production. After many days of deliberation with her production manager, Joy travelled and did her shopping.

“I did a lot of shopping. By the time I returned to my hotel room in Houston, I had boxes everywhere. I had a whole lot of luggage that I would be flying back with in Ghana”, she said.

Excited about her shopping, Joy couldn’t wait to return back to Ghana. However, something happened on the night before she was to return to Ghana.

“I woke up around 1/2am and my life was leaving my body. I was struggling for my life. I started praying but my prayers were empty, it was like I was wasting my time. I quickly grabbed the phone and called my sister in Nigeria, whom I knew she was born again.

She was the only family member I was sure was born again, she wasn’t just a church goer. So, I called her to pray for me. She praying for me and I felt better and I hear the voice of the Lord saying, ‘either four or five is enough, go to your sister.’ I didn’t know what that meant. It took me a while to know that I had shot four or five movies in Ghana and that was what HE meant by it’s enough”, Joy said.

Confused at the experience and the voice she heard, Joy visited her doctor and after several tests, she was certified okay. Still confused, she related the experience to her uncle, who advised her to do the bidding of the voice, but her production crew were already calling her.

So, rather than go to her sister, she went to Ghana to continue shooting movies but  while there, she fell sick and was taken from one hospital to the other. With medications all over her table in Ghana, Joy was forced to go to her sister in Nigeria because she wasn’t getting better.

“I can’t explain everything that happened because it was a real transformation. Within 24 hours, I stopped taking any medication because everything that was happening to me started leaving one by one. What I was doing was reading the bible and praying”, she said.

Joy said she was totally transformed within the six months she spent with her sister in Nigeria.

“I was reading my bible, going to the church with my sister and I had a lot of time to think about my life to apply what the lord was showing me to my life and he really opened my eyes to show me the lifestyle I was living is going to take me straight to hellfire. The production and all these movies I was doing, they were not glorifying his name”, Joy said, noting that he learnt so much from her encounter with the Lord.

By the time Joy returned to Houston, she was a new person. She changed everything about her. Her phone number, her car, her wardrobe, her house and other things.

To warn people about the dangers of hellfire, Joy decided to open a Facebook account. Following her encounter, Joy said she has learnt many things but one stands tall for her.

“The night after I did all my shopping and I had my heart desire and I did all I wanted, that night reminded me of the story in the bible about the parable of the rich fool, when God said your soul is required of you tonight and whom would all this belong to? I had the latest fashion but that night if i had died, I would have gone straight to hellfire and who would have had all the things I bought. I have learnt not to take pride in things, they are just things. Your soul can be required at any time,” she said.

Joy is encouraging people to assess their lives and how they are living.

Watch her speak here

Why I left Nollywood

Posted by Joy Edjeren on Thursday, January 10, 2019

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