We Are Shocked By The Advice This Pastor Gave A Woman Whose Husband Sexual Abused Their Three Children


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The advice of a pastor to a woman whose husband defiled their three children is going viral as people find it to be both disturbing and disgusting.

The video shows that the programme aired on Dove TV, the official channel of The Redeemed Christian Church of God,  the host ask the counselor, Pastor David, what should be the next course of action for a mother whose husband raped their children aged 5, 6, and 12.

“What I advise is that that woman should go to her pastor. Somebody who can help her to call the attention of the man to what he has done and they will prayerfully deliver the man”, pastor David said.

Shockingly, a woman also called in to say, “what has happened has happened. If she leaves the house, the secret will leak”, advising the aggrieved woman to stay and fight for her marriage.

Sadly, when the host of the show suggested to the pastor that the woman needs to be separated from her husband for a little while to “psychologically reform herself”, the pastor said that the man could commit suicide if she does so.

“It depends on the maturity of the woman. What of if she moves somewhere with the children and the man commits suicide?”, explaining that the man may be scared that the public has heard.

It is so sad that in this age and time, a religious counselor would be giving such advise without considering the state of the woman and her three children. Not once did pastor David mention that the police should be involved or that the woman should take her children to the hospital for a checkup or that they should see a therapists.

Everything pastor David said was to protect her husband from shame.

Reactions from the public

As expected, people find this advice to be appalling.












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