Why She Called Off Her Marriage Introduction After She Has Paid For Makeup, Bought Her Dress and Done Other Things


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Fashion entrepreneur, Aderon Enoabasi reposted the tweet of a twitter user that said there are still faithful men in the world, urging women not to settle for less. Under the post was the comment of a young woman who said, “Where are they o… Family pressure is becoming too much. I might have to give in”.

Using her personal experience, Ronke warns women on the dangers of settling for less just because of pressure.

Read her story here,

I saw this comment 😊 and I decided to share some personal facts! 2018 was one of my worst year, it broke me, yet my best year I learnt a lot. When life humbles you , you tend to talk less and just observe more… to the lady who made this comment on the previous post swipe left to read from my own personal experience about pressure.

You own your life, make your choices yourself and when you are confused call on GOD! No one has the right to dictate when you should marry not even your parents and if you are the one putting yourself under pressure, let me ask you, is that what God wants for you at this moment, we should always make sure our wishes align with the will of God ,

Don’t be faster than him so you won’t end up being a disgrace. I hope it teaches you one or two and to everyone out there dealing with pressure of settling down you are just eager for nothing cos if you know what is waiting for you in front you will just calm down and Enjoy ur today , no rush ! No pressure! Live life on your own term❤️

I was supposed to get married sometime last year, but I called off my introduction ceremony. Why? Because I didn’t feel like it. I have always spoken about never bowing to pressure and in 2018, it hit me hard. In this case, I honestly wanted to get married to this angel. He still is. but then, things turned sour.

I’ve paid for my makeup, bought my dress and done all and all. So, when I started to see that it won’t work, I was under pressure. As the first girl, they have always looked forward to me getting married. How do I say I don’t want again? I couldn’t face my fears but for a moment Ronke would always be Ronke. I called it off.

Yes I did… and I felt PEACE. Me, I’m a good person, same as the man I was supposed to marry but then, I learnt that the fact that we are too good people doesn’t make us perfect for marriage and that does not equate a good union.

I also realized something, “you are old enough, you are old enough.” That statement should stop. Marriage has absolutely nothing to do with age. Even the old one get it wrong too and after decades of being together, they still split.

So, please my darling, don’t pressure yourself and don’t let nobody pressure you either because in the end, those that pressured you to get married will only put you in their prayers  when you realize that age has absolutely nothing to do with marriage. And by then, it might be too late, so, don’t even allow anyone pressure you. don’t pressure yourself too, so you don’t end up with the wrong person. The pains that comes from settling with a wrong partner is far worse than being single or alone. May we not end up in a marriage that you will begin to crave loneliness sef.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ime Unwana

    Ime Unwana

    January 31, 2019 at 8:27 am

    Advise taken. Thank u

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