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Oral sex is a sexual activity that involves the stimulation of your partner’s genitals using your mouth, lips or tongue. When it is done on a man by sucking or licking his penis, it is called Fellatio popularly known as blow job. When a woman’s vagina is stimulated orally, it is called Cunnilingus.

Oral sex is a good way to get your partner aroused and even to get an orgasm,  it can be a lot of fun when both partners understand each other’s needs and find it exciting.

While it has become a normal part of sexual activity for many women as part of the foreplay or as the main sexual act, many women are still reserved and skeptical about giving and receiving oral sex. Some women think it is unnatural, unclean and even sinful to use your mouth on genitals.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions;

Is it a sin?
There is no clear mention of oral sex in many religions, so it has remained an unclear topic that many people are not sure about. For instance, I am a Christian and I don’t believe having oral sex with my husband will make me go to hell.

Is oral sex safe?
If you are having oral sex with someone infected with a STI then you are at a risk of contacting it too, this is because you are exposed to genital fluids. STIs that can be passed on through oral sex include:
chlamydia, genital warts, gonorrhoea, hepatitis B, herpes, syphilis

Can we use protection during Oral Sex?
Yes, if you are having oral sex on a man, he can wear a condom to reduce the risk of STIs, there are many flavoured condoms that can be used to spice it up a bit more. There is also something called dam that a woman can wear to prevent passing on STI when receiving oral sex. The dam acts as a barrier between the vagina and the man’s mouth.

Can I get pregnant through Oral Sex?
No, you can’t get pregnant through oral sex. Sperm cannot get into the uterus through your mouth.

Should he ejaculate in my mouth?
Some men actually like to ejaculate in your mouth, and may feel rejected if you don’t let them.
If you like it, then by all means do it, but if you are not comfortable with, you need to let him know.  There are other ways around it, he may withdraw at the last minute or ejaculate elsewhere on your body which may also be sexually stimulating for him.

Should I swallow the semen or spit it?
If you allow your partner to ejaculate in your mouth, there are two things you can do:

1. Swallow it

2. Spit it out.

If you choose to swallow, you may be at risk of STI if he is infected. If he is not infected then you are not at any risk, as it has been medically proven that semen has no negative effect on the body when swallowed.

However, not everyone likes to swallow, for different reasons. In this case you can always keep a tissue beside you to spit it on.

What if he urinates?
No worries, men can’t orgasm and urinate at the same time!  But it doesn’t hurt if he empties his bladder and clean up before the act.

What if it is smelly down there?
I will personally have a problem giving a blow job to someone who hasn’t had a bath in a while. Body odour can be very repulsive. It is always good to have a shower and encourage your partner to have a shower before oral sex. It is the hygenic thing to do. Cleanliness reduces risk of being infected by germs and dirt that the body may have been in contact with.

How will I know what to do?
You need to ask your partner what he wants, and how he wants it.  And also tell him what you expect of him. Good communication is important in having good oral sex. Also, read guides and sex books and ask questions from your friends who have good knowledge of it.




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