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13-Year Old Dies After Being Infected With HIV By Uncle Who Sexually Abused Her


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The story shared by this pharmacist, Aliyu Bello Aliyu is so heartbreaking and that is why parents have to take the protection of their children more seriously, and also stand to fight against child sexual abuse.

Also, don’t be shut down by the culture of silence or fear when you notice anything. When it comes to your children, you have to be extra sensitive and cautious.

Here’s one of the reasons why you should protect your children at all cost

I don’t usually like to share details about my work out here on Twitter, however it appears people don’t fully understand the effects of this culture of silence in Arewa and how it continues to enable abuse. And I’m going to use a heart breaking story to show this: Thread

A year ago; a lady presented to the hospital with her 13 year old daughter; the daughter was so weak and emaciated, diarrhoea and a host of symptoms. The girl didn’t respond to any treatment. After a couple of tests, she was confirmed +ve for HIV

Needless to say; because the disease was so advanced in her case (stage 4) the girl passed away after a couple of weeks. The girls diagnosis was a bit surprising because she was young and was likely not sexually active.

So both parents were tested and both were found negative ruling out mother to child transmission as a possibility. It was on further interaction with the mother that a bombshell was revealed; that some years back; she had caught the girls uncle pants down raping the girl.

That because of the potential stigma and because he was family, she cautioned him not ever try it again while she told the girl to not tell anyone. Apparently because she was afraid that no one would marry her daughter if they found out that she was once raped as a minor.

And we also found out that the rapist uncle died a year ago from HIV related complications. But It still didn’t occur to the mom to bring the daughter to the hospital earlier. If only the mom had brought the daughter to the hospital when the incident happened;

We would have administered post exposure prophylaxis and perhaps we might have prevented her from getting infected, even saved the girl. But because of the stigma and the perverted culture of silence and victim blaming; they chose their so called honor over their daughter’s life

This whole event happened early 2018. Please protect your kids and please stand up and fight for them. Pedophiles are everywhere.

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