Abang Mercy Speaks On The Rise Of Human Traffickers, Sex Traffickers And Organ Harvesters In Nigeria


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A Nigerian journalist, Abang Mercy, who is working with the United Nations, has shed light on the state of human trafficking in Nigeria. A number of stories have been reported about the menace, yet, Mercy says we have not scratched the surface of the situation in the country.

With 1800 porous borders in Nigeria, Mercy says Nigeria has become the go-to place for human trafficking.


Please read her sad stories here and pass this message across to everyone

I teared up half way my interview today – my day is not fine. Young Nigerians are suffering. This job is hard. From listening to organ harvesters, smugglers and traffickers. Lace drinks and stolen kidneys . #Listeningtovictimsaccountistough

It has been a difficult week for me interviewing Libyan returnees for a United Nations TV @UN Project. One thing I can say to my Nigerian young people. You don’t have to leave Nigeria through the desert for Europe because you might never ever get there. I have heard the worst.

The chances of getting to Europe is just 10 percent while the other 90 you’d likely end up in Aghadez in Niger or you’re sold as a merchandise in Libya and for others mostly women, there’s a sex trafficking hub in Mali. Ladies sleep in the deserts for months to flee Nigeria

Not forgetting children too. An entire family embarked on the journey and drowned in the Mediterranean Sea. Organ harvesters on the prowl, sex traffickers, burgers. A 14 year old was moved from her school, she was told she’s traveling with her boyfriend . She was being trafficked

In Mali, we have thousands of Nigerian girls that can’t return and cannot run either, they’ve been turned into sex workers. These ladies sleep with an average of 70 men per day, their madams make sure they deliver even when they’re having their menstrual circle.

These ladies were only told they’re going to have fun with their boyfriends but that was the end, others kidnapped, cajoled/drugged. Nigeria is a human trafficking hub. Some of the merchandise are moved to Niger. The business is booming and we need to start telling these stories

Some of those trafficked slept and woke without kidneys before they were drugged and the kidneys removed. Girls between age 10, 12, 13, 14 are stolen from Nigeria. And others are willing to leave because they’re told to go work as house girls or house boys but moved abroad.

Part of my job isn’t to show emotions but I’ve had to breakdown at every point. On a daily, traffickers are loading vehicles and transporting Nigerians out of the country. With 1,800 porous borders in Nigeria it makes it easier for them and some willing victims seeking better lives

For those that make it to Tripoli, these traffickers keep calling the parents of these kids demanding money. A mother spent over 1 million Naira bailing her kids from Libyan prisons but couldn’t get any bailed. From Nigeria she pays the money to the traffickers accounts in Naija

Nigeria needs to do something about her border. Boko Haram isn’t the only issue nor arms smuggling but the core is now human trafficking . Nigerians and Nigeria is the go to market for human traffickers now. And some are killed and their organs sold across the world, our reality

It is not only the human traffickers, sex traffickers, Organ harvesters and a long lists of those involved in organized transnational crime and smuggling. It is the fact that these issues aren’t the top 3 issue for the Nigerian state nor her political elites. This is troubling.

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