Adora Mbelu Answers The Question “Have You Ever Had Down Moments?”


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A mere glance at the life of someone may seem like their journey are devoid of challenges. In fact, you may be convinced that their life is a perfect one with no down moments.

If you are that person thinking that you are the only one with life’s challenges, then, you need to read Adora Mbelu’s note on her down moments. The truth is, everyone is facing one or more life challenges but what they choose to focus on makes them look like super humans.

Read her note here

There is 1 thing I am unable to teach – Peace. No matter how much I try, I cannot teach you peace. There is only one source of true peace. One. .

Adaora, have you ever had “down moments” ? .

I have been through experiences that attempted to shatter my joy into tiny pieces. I have had moments where my heart was shred in bits, placed in a bottle and handed to me with a smirk. I have had business opportunities, projects that went down the drain with financial loss that you cannot imagine. I have been hit with illness that threatened my life.

I have had a friend threaten to “blackmail” me with useless claims. I have had friends extort me financially in business relationships gone sour. I have had nollywood-like spiritual attacks. I have given up opportunities that I truly deserved, simply because I didn’t want to deal with someone else’s stress. I have had periods when all I had was $1 and I literally turned all the pockets of my clothes out to try and find another dollar. I have been told I couldn’t have a child.
Yes I have had down moments. I may not talk about them often, not because I am ashamed, or closed but because that is not God’s focus for me. Some people are gifted with sob storytelling and that may be an important part of their calling. But my story is different – I have a peace that makes my down moments seem like child’s play. It’s peace that I cannot transfer or teach to anyone. It’s peace that only God can give. This peace is what keeps me positively charged even in the wilderness.

See… the only reason I have this gift of peace is because of where God has placed me – I am here to chop all your punches, to take your pains, your crisis, your problems, and help turn them into Joy. I am here to light up your path and lighten the weight you carry. I understand shared burden – I understand that sharing pain points help give context to peoples journeys. My pain points are not for that. My pain points are to teach me how to help you handle yours. I exist to help you succeed in your journey. I am clear on my mission. .

So, my down moments mean very little to me. They are simply propellers for progress. There’s no testimony without the tests.

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