Before You Leave Your 8 to 5 Job For Entrepreneurship, You Need To Read This Note


People leave their jobs to start their businesses for different reasons. However, one of the reasons some people start their businesses is because they think entrepreneurship is easier.

Are you on the verge of starting a business because of this or because you want to be your own boss, then you need to read this note from @hustlersquare, who is an entrepreneur.

Read her note to you here

Dear Entrepreneur, how are you? How is Life as an entrepreneur? Smooth or not so smooth… Did you leave your 9-5 job for business because you thought it was gonna be easier? Hmmmm…

Many make the mistake of resigning from their white collar job simply because they want to be their own boss… They go, ‘I don’t want to work for anybody, I want to work for myself’. Isssokay! Sorry to disappoint you… Welcome to Entrepreneurship where you work for your customers & they command you about as you do their bidding…

Some resigned because they don’t want to answer anyone Ma or Sir… Sorry to disappoint you again… Welcome to entrepreneurship where we apologise frequently & add Ma or Sir on top… Lol… Sorry to burst your Bubble… So if you cannot do Olu Oyinbo well (White collar job), sorry you cannot be an effective entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is not an escape to indiscipline in your 9-5… No way!!! Aunty work well… If you cannot be committed in doing your present job, how will you be committed in your business & how will you lead your workers?

As a banker, I started as a Sales person in Stanbic IBTC & I was even a contract staff… Commitment to bringing in the accounts & liability no be here… Infact i ended up fighting any staff member responsible for opening accounts or booking loans I brought in… I watched many throw in the towel… Conversion came much later & I became a full staff & I worked with the same zeal…

This aggressive Marketing I learnt in banking is what I put into my Business & is what I have carried over here… I NO DEY TIRE!!! Only fellow bankers will understand… TARGET MUST BE MET… Every time I think of my banking days, I am so grateful… Then I thought it was suffer head but they didn’t know they were moulding me…

Some of the Business nugget & things I say here, I learnt as a banker… Aunty go & Work Well! Infact some entrepreneurs even need to close shop & pick a 9-5, learn some rudiments & come back much later. When the time comes for you to resign you will know… But first PUT IN THE WORK! Entrepreneurship is not an escape route for laziness! Selah. Good morning Lovers!

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