Can We Please Discuss The Right Age For Our Kids To Get On Internet Unsupervised


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Navigating the internet has become very easy for children because many of them can use smart phones and devices.

Unfortunately, with the rate of pedophiles and social vices on the internet, it is fast becoming a dangerous space for children.

Citing an instance where an 11 year boy was kidnapped by his adult gaming chat ‘teen friend’ who was really a 41 years man, Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo wants to know the right age a child should be granted unsupervised access to use the internet.

She said,

Technology is the future,I know the importance of making sure our children are highly skilled in this digital age but the harsh reality is ….unless you are going to supervise your child’s online activities they are not safe…the true danger lurking in the burgeoning number of children’s internet chat rooms ( social media / gaming chat rooms)

I know most of these apps say 13years and above (which kids can lie about to create profile) (Today is such an eye opener for me)
Story for another day. Can we please discuss the right age for our kids to get on internet (social media and gaming chat rooms) unsupervised.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest 🤦🏾‍♀️ good morning fam #ujlovers

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The age is not the problem. The problem is our parents who don’t tell their children the truth about the use & effect of technology. They always tell you lies in other to protect you but to the contrary they are not, because when the child finds out the real truth from his/her friends outside he/she assumes mom & dad are not telling me the truth. So, the child will always do the right thing when mum & dad is around but when they are out hmmm you see the other side…


Well, am a northerner from Borno state,….I think after secondary school,(16) that’s how my siblings and I were brought up and it sure helped because it kept me away from distraction and influences and gave me a sure academic excellence.


After their secondary education with proper mentoring oo


it’s 18 o. My friend’s 12 year old child was friended on a game site by a guy who was chatting her up telling her he will teach her how to give a man blow job. The little girl was now asking him if she will not choke to death. He then said she will not die. When the mother saw the chats and told the guy she will report to the police he deleted the account. Even Facebook, there are pedophiles everywhere o. Wicked people


I started getting internet access by jss1 ..and believe me I’ve seen the good, bad and the ugly…I’ve learnt a lot and I have realised that trying to be overly strict by saying u not giving your kids access to the internet until 18 or above will only get them wondering all the time what’s on the other side…the world has evolved and it’s a tech village. nothing in this life is gonna be perfect, it will definitely have advantages and disadvantages ….let them go out there,  be a friend, let them come back and tell u what they find then it’s your job to lead the way ..Personally I think 13 -14 is okay to start using the net


I think it depends on the child’s maturity. But generally, from 16, I think would be relatively safe. Any age younger should be supervised o. Kids are kids and naïve. Things happen and can happen on the net


Aww!! Hope it wasn’t too much of a shock. Best thing is to maintain open channels of communication so the kid can trust enough to confide. There is no way around curious kids.


That is why I supervise and play with my 9yr old on her PS 4, and do restrict her most times. Yes you are right. Those predators and child molesters are for real and they are out with their perverted spirit. Above all, prevention and abstinence is the key


My own contribution is if you buy a bicycle for a child, that child needs a helmet.  I’ll block sites with bark. So I can monitor them. As mothers, we need to be sensitive. The devil is very crafty

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