Eva Alordiah Takes Her Storytelling To A Whole New Level With Short Film “Where Is The Condom?”


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It was a fun outing. Ade and Elohor proceeded to have sex but as they finished, Elohor realizes that there was no condom on Ade.

With no agreement that their sexual intercourse was going to be without a condom, Elohor demands for an explanation. Unable to give one, other than he was ‘feeling’ her, Elohor demands for a test.

Elohor wants to be sure that they are both clean from sexually transmitted diseases but Ade doesn’t seem to see it as necessary because he is ‘clean’.

Not backing down on her demands, Ade agrees to a test. Thankfully, they are both negative.

The short film, “WHERE’S THE CONDOM” is written by Nigerian rapper, Eva Alordiah, to draw the attention of young people to the dangers of having unprotected sex.

With this film, Eva is drawing our attention to the importance of having sexual checkups because even condoms may not be entirely safe.



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