Firefighter Dennis Dooshima Shares How To Keep Your Gas Cylinders Properly To Avoid Explosions


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Fire fighter, Dennis Dooshima shared some safety tips on the proper place to keep your gas cylinder. They are tips you should take note of and keep it to heart.

Read below and take note of her advise

Where do you keep your gas cylinders?????.

Having a gas cylinder at home brings along risks, considering how sunny and hot our country is,the fire risk is probably all at its highest,there’s no better time to emphasis the safety measures that should be taken when keeping a gas cylinder in the house,accident do happen,and not everybody is aware of the different factors that should be taken consideration when keeping a gas cylinder at home.

Proper storage of cylinder in your home is paramount. (1) a cylinder should be placed outside the house even the outside is not all that safe,in a well ventilated location and not exposed directly to the sun or other heat sources.

It should not be placed in the house or near an electrical socket or flammable substances,you can also bury your cylinder or do what is called damping, it means wrapping a big wet towel around it like am doing here provided at the bottom to allow gas to escape in the air in case of a leak. Indoor storage of a gas cylinder is a bad idea.Gas cylinder expires,before you refill make sure they check it out for you.

Watch how she places a wet towel on a gas cylinder in this video

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