Funmi Oyatogun Lists 10 Business Ideas You Can Explore In Nigeria


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Do you want to start a business but you have no idea what to do? Are you looking at exploring new spaces in the market? Not to worry, a travel writer and tourism specialist, Funmi Oyatogun, compiled a list of 10 business idea that can be explored in Nigeria.

According to her, these business ideas are the solutions to some of the challenges  the country faces currently, however, you have to do your market research before you launch out.

Below are the business ideas

  1. Refrigerated trucks for transporting fragile fruits and veggies from the North to the South. Apples, strawberries, a gazillion other fruits don’t make it to market because they can’t be stored and transported. Agro is great but we need more people between the farm & market.
  2. An app that allows transfer from my card or bank account directly to another bank account abroad, especially across Africa. Some people are doing this but the exchange rate is unbelievable. Takes away the convenience.
  3. Unlimited WiFi for individuals and households that doesn’t slow down after a certain cap. My Smile unlimited bundle is a huge scam and I have struggled to find another service that I can pay reasonably for and have true, same-speed internet connectivity for the month.
  4. A software that allows the entire immigration system in Nigeria stay coordinated (from Seme to the airports). These things are not rocket science and they exist around the world so I am not sure whether the Nigerian authorities have simply rejected it or they don’t care.
  5. Properly bottled palmwine, packed kulikuli, and other snacks. Even though we had been packing chin chin for ages, the most commercial chin chin is successful because of packaging & marketing. We give our @TVPAdventures clients chin chin packs in our Naija souvenir bags.
  6. An affordable retail store for ready-made clothes. We have nailed the art of sewing in Nigeria. Now, all we need to do is perfect the art of finishing, standardize sizes and mass produce clothes for retail. Nothing fancy and designer-ish. Just lovely and affordable.
  7. A commercial leather bag and shoe line that can compete in design, taste and variety. Nigeria has premium leather…I mean, top notch leather products. But most of them look like crafts and you open them and booom they didn’t finish the inside or eliminate the smell.
  8. A proper boat taxi (A) and boat-on-demand service (B). Proper boat routes and departure times. Also, need a boat for hire? Order your specs here. I should do this one. So many with boats not in use and so many looking for boats. Shall we do this @dharmorla?
  9. A hairdresser on-demand service. I have a trusted hair dresser but she doesn’t make some styles and I see them on people as they pass by but can’t get to their hair dressers. Help salonists find customers and help customers find salonists. With reviews and photos!!
  10. A retail furniture shop, similar to IKEA, that is affordable, trendy and with products that are easy to assemble. Good quality furniture in Nigeria is expensive and the variety is limited. I should be able to furnish my bedroom at a go, in one shop, with a decent amount.

I jot down problems as I see them and instead of complaining, I think…what could the solution to this challenge be. I cannot and do not want to do all these things so maybe if I point it out to you, you’ll be the best person to take up the idea and run with it.

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