Keabetswe Jan Is The Woman Behind The Viral Tweet “O Jewa Ke Eng”


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On the 5th of January, when Keabetswe Jan tweeted, “O jewa ke eng?” she never thought that the question would help thousands of users to speak out, heal and even get help.

Keabetswe is an 18-year old South African student, whose viral tweet translates to “What’s eating you?” or “What’s bothering you?”

That question has led thousands of people to open up on their stories, many of which are sad.

Amazingly, people from other countries have adopted the same question, noting the topic they want people to talk about. From feminism to child abuse, rape and patriarchy, including other life issues.

“To be honest, it’s sad seeing that we all have something that is bothering us and that there are so many issues we are facing as a nation and so little is being done about it. It’s so good to see people going out of their way to help others, either with finance, emotional support, advice and guidance, or just being an ear that listens to hearts that are crying”, Keabetswe told Sunday Times.


The young woman has taken this a step further by creating a non-governmental foundation to help people deal with whatever is bothering them.  According to her, she will publish a book that contains people’s stories from the tweets and then use the proceedings to fund the education of those in need.

Below is her tweet about it 

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