Lolo Is Asking “When Do We Cross The Line Of Objectifying Or Sexualizing Our Children?”


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Few days ago, the video of a young girl strutting the runway dressed in a skimpy top and a skirt was trending online and it became a source of concern for some people.

Media personality and comedienne, Omotunde Adebowale-David, popularly known as Lolo seem to be disturbed by this video and is asking other parents on her Instagram page what they think about the young girl.

The mother of three wants to know when parents cross the line of sexualizing their female kids in an attempt to make them look cute.

She wrote, 

Please I need a little bit of education
When do we cross the line of objectifying or sexualizing our children?
When a definition of CUTE becomes SEXY?
How much should we allow our children do?
When is too much too much
I watched this video and all these questions came to mind
Am a parent and am learning daily
Can we talk about this please

Lolo’s questions was met with different reactions. For some women, there is nothing sexual about the way the girl was dressed and how she walked. According to them, she is just good at modelling.


I don’t see a child being objectified or sexualized here. I see a child being given the opportunity to do something creative. This mindset that this cute little girl is objectified and sexualized is what I think should be questioned. And from your comments “we scream protect the girl child but we yet expose them…God help us” you seem to have your mind made up on the issue, I wonder why you’re asking to be educated.


Pls there is nothing wrong with it. Only a perverted mind will think ill of this little Angel..# she’s got the walking steps pls keep it up…


Nothing wrong with the way she cat-walked and nothing sexual about it. My 5cent


To me this babe want to be what she’s doing cus she actually thinks she’s good at it and if u stop her from this bcus u think it’s something else u kill her joy, her goal, her zeal, her desire, her talent. Parenting sometimes make God help us but we shouldn’t mix things up. We shouldn’t kill our children’s talent. btw we should always pray for them and pray for ourselves too for good guidance


This isn’t sexy lolo. Common it’s entertaining. I was smiling watching her. Na only person with mental touch na him go see this as sexy. Maybe sexy for a 10year old boy.  Expose is not the word. Protect them and give them life by guiding and helping them do what they know how to do best at this tender age.


I know she is a bit extra but that’s raw talent on display, boundaries in parenting is very key. I just think that in as much as you help put the child right, it should often times be placed under the love foundation. Every other thing will fall in place


What’s wrong with the video? It is bad when parents can be so judgmental on how other parents chose to raise their kids. it is the height of bad manners. We all have our style of parenting, you can chose to be liberal or conservative. for me I prefer the liberal style to boost their self esteem.


I see nothing wrong with what she’s doing. It’s modeling and she obviously has been looking up to some badass models. This is runway, not everyday life. If a child does this on a normal day, then there is a problem.


The dressing is not provocative but her gestures are. That being said predators don’t need any excuses. They are just perverts period!!!

Meanwhile, some agree with Lolo as they claim that her dressing was too sexual for a girl her age. According to them, parents should let kids be kids. 


There’s nothing wrong with modelling, but she’s still too young for those attitude n movements, didn’t look cute to me.


I totally agree with you, parenting this present age is scary a child should remain a child and not act, look, talk or in any way behave like an adult. I don’t like that video


This is too much


Spoken like a true queen. People will have their opinions and claim not to find this ‘arousing.’ But we need to understand, it’s not really about us as adult, or what we find arousing. It’s about what is right or wrong or helpful or harmful for THE CHILD. We shouldn’t strip children off their naturalness and force them to ‘grow’ up too quickly. Some parents see children as an extension of themselves and try to live vicariously through them. Parenting is a huge huge task. It’s not a thing of pride until you have raised a child right! And raising a child right means putting yourself aside, and doing only that which is best for the child. So while I would respect the varied opinions of others on this thread, I stand to say unapologetically that this video is wrong on all levels. It is repulsive.


I am as confused as you. Sometimes we dress our kids certain ways thinking that they’ll grow pass them, but I bet you dear that the kids of today emulate alot and may end up acting like us parents. Let’s be careful how we bring our kids up


Hmmmm my point now …… We all know in this society that the abuse of children are really on the increase and we are not still ready to help and teach our children from their very tender age how to resist this when it comes rather we want to catch them young by teaching them how to expose their body all in the name of cutness TOO WRONG .A lot of people said nothing is wrong with this video yet they will still go to celebrities who posted nude pictures to abuse them forgetting it all started this way .when you teach your daughter that being half naked is no problem be ready to watch her nude picture when she becomes a celebrity. ONE❤️❤️


Let the kids be kids. Let them grow up naturally. No need to do things they’d do as adults now. When they’re old enough, they’d make the choice. But as kids, we have to make to make the choices for them or at least guide them into sane choices. They can’t have or do everything they want. They have to be adults first to “do all they want”. By then, they’d understand the consequences and make the choices with better understanding


I will always say let a child be a child. I didn’t find it funny dressing up a child sexy or a child dancing making sexy moves. These days parents are taking it too far. Why the rush? They will always grow up and become adult someday. Let a child enjoy being a child simple


I think this is too much #myopinion
Lets allow kids be kids. Yes, she can model but model like a kid that she is.


Can’t children just be children, as for my daughter and I, we will dress appropriately, too many mad people roaming, my daugthers’ dressing will always be modest, since I can’t control sick perverts, I will dress my daughter decently and teach her self defense

What do you think about this?


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