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Real Women, Real Issues: A Best Friend That Cannot Tell Me I Have Mouth Odour Is That One Friend?


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Dear Woman.NG Readers,

After a long time of searching, I finally got a job and I was so happy. My first week at work I tried to mingle with everyone and be friendly but imagine my shock when my boss called me to her office on the Friday. She said some people in the office are complaining that I have mouth odour and they are afraid that it may turn customers off. She said they thought things will change but after the first week they have not noticed any change. She advised that I brush more often and be bringing mint to chew at the office. I was so ashamed, I was trembling, I didn’t even know what to say. Nobody has ever told me I have mouth odour and I have never smelt it myself.

My best friend and I live together in a room, when I got home I told her everything. She said yes it’s true that she has been noticing it for some time now. I asked her, so why didn’t you tell me? She said she didn’t want to offend me. This is someone that knows all my secrets, I don’t hide anything from her and I thought we were thicker than blood. If she had told me, I would not have faced that kind of embarrassment at work.

It is still paining me, and to be honest I don’t trust her like that anymore. Does she really take me the way I take her?







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