We Are Rolling Our Eyes As This Man Explains How You Can Do Wedding With N50,000


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A wedding is a one in a life time event and that is why many people go out of their way to ensure that their wedding is a memorable and elaborate one. In some cultures, a wedding can go on for days.

But because not everyone has the fund for an elaborate wedding, this Instagram user, Avalonokpe is appealing to women to make it easy for their spouse.

Listing out 16 suggestions on how to have a low budget wedding, Avalonokpe assures women that they can have a wedding as low as N50, 000. He can’t be serious though!

Do you think its possible? Would you be willing to try it?

Read his suggestions below

How to wed with 50k.

We must do it this year, sisters help a bro.
Explain to your pastor that you don’t have money for radarada (nonesense).

Book in court beforehand.
If you book like 2 months to, its just 4k for certificate.

2. Use your normal suit Bro. Budget 2k to buy tie, socks and handkerchief.

3.buy fairly used wedding gown on Jiji for 5k or pay a tailor to do white chiffon gown with 5k budget or juss rent cheap gown for 3k(wash and iron yourself)… 4. Arrange for car to use from friends and fuel it or juss call taxi or uber going and coming 4k.
(He should not wait, after wedding, you flash him to come pick you up)

5. Invite only family and friends, well wishers should juss call or come to the house later… 6. Buy rings please. Very important. Budget 2k for the 2 rings.

7. Give decoration people in your church like 2k to do small design. (Your wife is a member so they cannot complain). 8. Do not cook for church people please.
Just buy one carton of TomTom and spray during processional hymn.. About 1,200.

9. Give church small thing, like 5k.

10. Give your wife’s mum 10k to cook abacha and utazi stew for the traditional which you guys will do very early on Sunday morning before going to church.

11. You have 13,800 left.
Remember, you have to buy palm wine for the trad…800 for a full keg(after all, your wife’s dad issa wine tapper). 12. Bestman and bridal shower should buy their things biko.

13. That your old friend that snaps photo will take up to 3k oo.

14. Give someone your laptop or phone to play small music. Give him 1k to buy the cord to connect it.

15. Buy fuel for church. 2k fuel go do nau.

16. Your money remain 7k abi?
Now hold 1k in 100 naira notes and give your wife 1k too in 100naira notes.

17. Keep the remaining 5k for miscellaneous.
One or two things might come up las las.

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