Sola Allyson Has Some Words For Women Who Won’t Be Celebrating Valentine’s Day With A Man By Their Side


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It is few days to valentine and people are already making plans to celebrate it. In fact, some women are expecting their partners to pop up the big question on that day.

However, not all women have plans to celebrate valentine’s day because there’s nobody to celebrate with.

For women in this situation, gospel singer, Sola Allyson has some words for you.

Read her note here

Don’t allow the deception that abounds in this season rob you of your dignity!

Valentine’s is coming. You are alone. You feel alone. Your friends have events put in place. Someone shows love to your friend and noone is there for you. Ok. I understand.

However, you know what? The mindset of this season is not what you have been made to believe it is! It is not what it’s been made to be! Showing love to others does not have to be about smooching or sex oooo! Let nothing rob you of your dignity! You are more than that!

See, you’ll soon be surrounded by LOVE. True. Pure. Your own tribe is coming your way. Your own people. Your own person. The love of your life. An expression of love as it is! You’ll get gifts. Not cheap gifts. GIFTS! Let not a temporary situation cheat you permanently!

Hold your head high. Engage in activities to make you happy. Find your passion. Add skill to skill. Develop yourself. Be love. Do love. Show love. Everytime. In all you do. You’ll find yours. Yours will come!

Let not the deception in this season rob you of your dignity and joy!

Valentine’s is good, do love, be love, but be careful of being robbed! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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