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Takieyah Reaves Was Shot In The Stomach But She Survived!


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One year ago, Takieyah Reaves was shot in her stomach. Thankfully, the bullets didn’t get to her intestine but it destroyed her stomach wall. A new wall was created with the skin on her thighs.

The process of recovery was a very hard one but Takieyah takes pride in not giving up. Her stomach may not be the greatest sight to behold, it holds a testimony she is forever grateful for, so, she cant be bothered by how people feel about her stomach or what they say.

Read her testimony

This is the reason everyone says “congratulations” the reason everyone asks “how many months?” “boy or girl?” this is the reason i often hear “your stomach growling that baby hungry” this is the reasons most sentences end with “because you’re pregnant” this is the reason a ignorant person said ”that’s why you look pregnant”…

I got shot in the stomach. The bullet shattered, but it missed every major organ in my stomach (my God is so good🙌🏾🙏🏾💪🏾) but damaging my stomach wall beyond repair so they took the skin off my thighs (skin graft) and put it on my stomach to create a new wall the only thing between my intestines and the outside of my stomach is that skin.

When People say congrats i say thank you bcuz this is my baby, my bullet baby. i named her Siya. Yes it’s a girl and I embrace her. I talk to her. I thank her. I love her & when I get my last surgery I will cry over losing her😩

Some people will be disgusted, others will see the blessing. I’ve died 7 times over this belly. This belly is my strength, I am not ashamed & everyone who truly love me made this our baby our miracle. We are not ashamed, we are honored to walk around with this god given badge of honor.

This is my testimony, this is my story. If ever you feel discouraged please remember me & remember I didn’t ask for this. There is a God. I am living proof & what he’s done for me, he will surely do for you. Please don’t ever ever give up don’t hate, always forgive, smile, laugh be optimistic be happy pray & stay blessed god is real‼️

Don’t have to go through what i had to grow through 🙏🏾 Start listening to him quiet down & you’ll hear him believe me he hears you & he responds you just have to listen💪🏾 It works for me..Love Peace And Blessings🖤

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This Is The Reason Everyone Says “Congratulations” The Reason Everyone Asks “How Many Months?” “Boy Or Girl?” This Is The Reason I Often Hear “Your Stomach Growling That Baby Hungry” This Is The Reasons Most Sentences End With “Because You’re Pregnant” This Is The Reason A Ignorant Person Said ”That’s Why You Look Pregnant”… I Got Shot In The Stomach The Bullet Shattered But It Missed EVERY MAJOR ORGAN In My Stomach (MY GOD IS SO GOOD🙌🏾🙏🏾💪🏾) But Damaging My Stomach Wall Beyond Repair So They Took The Skin Off My Thighs (Skin Graft) And Put It On My Stomach To Create A New Wall The Only Thing Between My Intestines And The Outside Of My Stomach Is That Skin. When People Say Congrats I Say Thank You Bcuz This Is My Baby My Bullet Baby I Named Her Siya Yes It’s A Girl And I Embrace Her I Talk To Her I Thank Her I Love Her & When I Get My Last Surgery I Will Cry Over Losing Her😩 Some People Will Be Disgusted Others Will See The Blessing I’ve Died 7 Times Over This Belly This Belly Is My Strength I Am Not Ashamed & Everyone Who Truly Love Me Made This Our Baby Our Miracle We Are Not Ashamed We Are Honored To Walk Around With This God Given Badge Of Honor This Is My Testimony This Is My Story. If Ever You Feel Discouraged Please Remember Me & Remember I Didn’t Ask For This😩 There Is A God I Am Living Proof & What He’s Done For Me He Will Surely Do For You🙌🏾 Please Don’t Ever EVER Give Up Don’t Hate, Always Forgive, Smile, Laugh Be Optimistic Be Happy Pray & Stay Blessed God Is Real‼️Don’t Have To Go Through What I Had To Grow Through 🙏🏾 Start Listening To Him Quiet Down & You’ll Hear Him Believe Me He Hears You & He Responds You Just Have To Listen💪🏾 It Works For Me..Love Peace And Blessings🖤 @drpaulnassif @drdubrow @heatherdubrow @botchedtv #botchedtv #survivor #stoptheviolence #putthegunsdown #triumphant #blackhistorymonth #testimony #godisgood #botched #embrace #mystory #gunshotvictim #strength

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This Made Me Who I Am Today This Happened A Year Ago & People Treat Me Like It Happened Years Ago. BUT I WONT EVER FORGET‼️I Remember When I Came Home I Wud Walk In Circles To Walk Better Bcuz I Didn’t Have Balance & Sometimes Still Don’t I Still Fall But I Get Up My Legs Still Give Out But I Keep Moving I Still Get Tired I Still Feel Like I’m Getting Shocked With A Taser I Still Feel The Pain I Still Pop Out Of My Sleep I Still Jump To Loud Noises I Still Cry But One Thing I Didn’t Do That Most Did Was Give Up On Me Bcuz No Matter How Many Times I Fall Imma Get Back Up & These Legs Goin Move I Forget So Easily My Mind Is Not The Same But I Still Made The Deans List I Couldn’t Talk & Now I’m Singing My Heart Out I Got My Voice Back & Can’t Nobody Take It Away From Me I Cant Have A Screaming Match So I Learned To Humble Myself I Don’t Have The Energy & Wouldn’t Waste It Doing That If I Did I Didn’t Ever Use Me Getting Shot As A Crutch Bcuz NOBODY KNOWS I STILL‼️I Hide My Pain So No One Would Worry Bcuz I Gave Out Enough Of That The Better I Got The Less I Got From Friends & Family Everything I Have Right Now I DID THAT ON MY OWN I DIDN’T GIVE UP I Learned Who And What Was Real If You Left My Side But Was There When This Happened It Was Only Because You Had No Faith But If Your Still Here It’s Because All You Have Is Faith This Made Me Who I Am Today And I’m Proud Of Me I Cry Over What I Went Through & I Cry Over What I Got Through So Many People Screaming They Miss Me But I Haven’t Seen Them Since I Survived So Many People Said They’ll Never Leave Me But Been Left My Side I Stayed Alive Not Bcuz Of False Promises & Fake Love Not From Fake Prayers I Am Blessed & Highly Favored Thanks To That Man Above I Don’t Care Who I Lost Or Lose I’ve Lost So Many But I Won’t EVER LOSE myself & Thats All That Matters💪🏾 & I WONT EVER STOP TALKING ABOUT IT BCUZ WHAT I LIVED THROUGH I CANT LIVE WITHOUT THIS‼️🙌🏾🙏🏾

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