This Woman Has Been Robbed Six Times In Lagos Traffic! We Can’t Even Imagine The Trauma She Has Been Through


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A twitter user, Isioma Osaje shared her challenges with anxiety after her numerous experience with traffic robbery.

A lot of people have complained about the incessant robberies that take place on the highways especially when there is traffic but the government seem deaf to the cry of its people.

Unfortunately, women  are the most targeted because the robbers know that they cannot defend themselves. While Isioma shared her story, other women recounted theirs, noting that they have been victims too.

We hope that a lasting solution to traffic robbery is found.

Read her tweets here

So this is what Trauma does. I bought a second phone. I keep it in my car. It is the phone for when next they rob me, so i can give them that. I get uncomfortable the minute I end up in traffic. I know it costs 8k to buy a Tokunbo glass pane for my windows. I’ve bought 8.

I freak out when street hawkers or beggars come up to my window in traffic. I freak out when pedestrians walk by my window in traffic. I keep my bags in the boot at all times and nothing that looks like it can contain anything valuable on the seats.

I hide my phone under the drivers seat when I’m in traffic and it’s past 6pm. I have a window. I’d rather go out for drinks or go park under very bright lights in a ‘safe’ place and wait till 10pm if i don’t make the non traffic window to leave the island.

I spend a lot of my time in my car, and now after 6 robberies in traffic, I feel violated every time I enter it. My car has been vacuumed and washed numerous times since my last robbery, but ever so often I discover small shards of broken glass.

As soon as I enter my car, I take out my license, and my ATM cards from my wallet and hide them in different places in my car. One time they stole my wallet and entered my account and stole all the money. I take off my jewellery, ring, watch and necklace if I’m driving past 6pm

One time they ripped my necklace off. Somehow I convinced myself that not washing my car made it an unappealing target. Like maybe they will think I’m poor. Lol. The only signal they need is single female driving alone.

I thought okay, single female…so one day I gave 3 women a ride, traffic and there were no buses. That was time number 4. They robbed us that night. Also the most damaging…2 broken windows, and that was the ATM time.

Then I thought okay I only need to solve for nights…then one morning at past 6am…I got robbed in Oshodi traffic. Loool. Drove to the island in the rain, not able to move because glass all over and I know the drill..stay still so i don’t get injured.

Wow….this is a lot! Anyways, I still wake up and enter my car and go out because you know, I have to make a living. So far so good, I think I’ve solved for most of these things. January 2019 came and went and I didn’t get robbed in traffic.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Arinade Faloye

    Arinade Faloye

    February 11, 2019 at 10:21 am

    Maybe you should sell that car and get a new car. The car might be jinxed. Also get a recommended driver (I mean from known sources) Don’t let the driver know of your robbery mishaps. That way you are not alone. Plus be prayerful. It is well

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