Toke Makinwa Says This Is What To Do When You Meet A Married Man Who Wants To Date You…


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Toke Makinwa is all out against men who are married but still trying to date single women.

In her new vlog titled, “It’s Complicated, what does that even mean???”, Toke explained that some married men are even bold enough to reveal that they are married. According to her, their language is “marriage is not a disease.”

Narrating a personal experience where she was already being excited at the prospect of a new relationship, Toke said she found out the guy was married but he nonchalantly dismissed it, calling her his true love.

Advising young women on what to do when they meet such men, Toke said they can ‘eat his money and run’.

She said,

You see them everywhere. They are guys who are okay with dating other women and letting the women know that they are married. They don’t hide it. What happened to those days when there was a little bit of moral standard? When they would remove their ring and hide it in glove compartment.

I know someone who is talking to a guy and the guy was coming across like a single guy and one day, he just put up a picture on his status, “happy birthday my darling wife”.

Confused, she looked at his status and asked the guy if he was married and he said, “Yes, you didn’t know?” he said he was married with three kids and still said “send me a picture of yourself today. How are you doing baby? Let’s have dinner tonight.”

Please don’t go around being so comfortable looking in my eyes and telling me you’re married and still want to have a relationship with me. And the best way to talk to those kinds of guys is to block them.

When next you meet a guy that is confident to tell it to your face that I am married but available, look him in the eye and tell him that, “sorry bros, its not my life you’re going to spoil.”

And if it is possible, chop his money very well and run, because if he’s open enough to tell you that marriage is not a disease or he wants to use you as a second best.

I’ll stick with chopping his money and run because at the end, you just don’t need that disrespect. I think it’s disrespectful already if a guy can tell it to your face that “I’m married but available”.

Watch her speak here

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