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Dear Daycare Owner, Please Explain How This Woman’s Baby Died In Your Care!


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A mother of two, Rebecca Onoja is demanding justice for the death of six months old baby, who died at Britmax International School, Abuja, where she was registered in a daycare.

In a Facebook post by Rebecca’s friend, she had dropped her baby on the 11th January, 2019, and at the time of dropping her off at the daycare, it was reported that there was nothing wrong with the child. However, at about 2:19 pm that day, she was urgently called from her baby’s school and by the time she got there, she she saw about 5 women praying over her.

When Rebecca carried her baby, she noticed blood stains on her nose and food particles around her hair and nostrils. While trying to rush her baby to the hospital, the school accountant allegedly said that they had just returned from the hospital.

On trying more information from the nanny, she realised that concerned staff of the school had gone to the police station, even before Rebecca knew her child was dead. By the time Rebecca’s baby was taken to the Federal Medical Centre in the state, the doctor who attended to her said she could have been saved if brought in earlier.

Following the circumstances surrounding Rebecca’s baby death, she lodged a complaint at the police station but it was alleged that the CCTV in the school had been wiped off.  An autopsy conducted on Rebecca’s baby showed blood and feeds oozing out of her mouth and nose. The result also indicated that Rebecca’s baby died as a result of asphyxiation.

With the hospital’s evidence in hand, Rebecca and her family is demanding an investigation from the police with a view of bringing the culprit to book but the DPO in charge is said to have lost interest in the matter.


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Update on Justice for BABY Michelle (Read, share and let's push for the authorities to act right)Read the basic story…

Posted by Ocholi Ojonimi Okutepa on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

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