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“Imagine a world where everything you ever dreamed of was at your finger tips. Well, that’s how I imagined music will be but…” –WAJE

Singer, Waje is sad and presently frustrated about her career and she is thinking of quitting music for a while to focus on other talents.

Last year, the singer released an album, Red Velvet, but according to her, it didn’t do well in the market.

“After everybody shouted ‘Waje, your last album was how many years ago, please we need an album,’ where are all the people that were shouting?” she asks.

Citing high cost of publicity and low purchase rates of her recent album, Waje says she is tired of pouring all she has into her music career and getting almost nothing in return.

“I don’t have the money for publicity and that’s what I am saying. Emerald’s (her daughter) school fees is there. It’s like I have ten things laid out for me and every single time, its always been my music, my music that is taking the bulk of my money. I am not willing to put money there anymore. I’m frustrated,” she told her friends in a video she posted online.

According to Waje, she wants to focus on other things rather than pour all she has into a career that yields almost nothing.

“I no longer believe that this thing is working. I am not giving up, I just don’t have faith in this thing anymore and its okay. I know that I am respected in this field and I don’t think anyone will call me a failure. The point is that I don’t want to do this anymore. I am tired. Do you know how much I have invested into this career thing?

You know when you start something and its very exciting, I’ve lost excitement. I’m not saying I don’t love making music. Everytime you find me in the studio, that’s my space on stage, I love it but why do I have to go through the things I go through as a musician because of my love for it. at what point am I going to get to that place of gratification and satisfaction. I don’t want to be in the class of artistes that have failed. I don’t want to be in that class. I just know that I’ve come to the point where I don’t think its working for me anymore.

Watch her speak here

Her fans react

While her fans understand her reasons and empathises with her, they urge her to keep fighting and not give up







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