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“DDK’s coaching is practical, authentic and breaks tables! She hands you wisdom, clarity and most importantly, actionable plans you can immediately execute. She’s fantastic and has added so much value to me!”  – Anwuli Okusanya, Architect and Media Personality

Likely the most transformational mental awakening you’ve ever experienced! IGNITION INTENSIVE will deliver a mindset re-engineering that will challenge you at every level of your being and catalyze your UPGRADE to the Unstoppable You. If you are a woman desperate to push the boundaries of possibilities in your life and MOVE FORWARD into MORE; then this Program is for you.
A Breakthrough Coaching, it opens up the trusted framework for transitioning from dreaming to doing; and shifting significantly into real results in your life. Vision Boards and Goal Setting are great, but the numbers already show that only about 20 – 30 % of those who set goals achieve them. You know why? It’s because until we fix our “being”, we can’t force our “doing”. 
Every Module offers limits-shattering insights that will help you clarify your Precise Purpose; uncover and unseat your self-sabotaging beliefs and mental roadblocks, create more meaning in your life and launch your MULTI-INFLUENTIAL FLOW (that powerful state that triggers the many-sided expressions from your inner core). You’d also learn how to create a well-engineered Life System to manage your demands effectively and design a workable Roadmap for rapidly executing your Next Big Thing! IGNITION INTENSIVE propels your upgrade your mindset, meaning, money and major moves in 90 days. 
“In the eight years of my coaching relationship with DDK, I’ve mastered the art of attempting things without fear, ditching perfection and surrounding myself with a team to bring different perspectives and to accomplish more than I’d do by myself. DDK’s coaching is phenomenal, shifts my thinking and helps me free myself to be better!” – Alexia Horsfall, CEO, Makeup by Alexia Horsfall 
This two-week online Bootcamp, which kicks off on Monday, 18th March 2019 is delivered in 6 Video Modules, including Worksheets, Downloadable Resources, Podcast Series, an exclusive Accountability Group and our extra special IMMERSE Town Hall to answer your questions.
Module 1 – The Principles of BEING 
Module 2 – Precise Purpose PATHFINDER 
Module 3 – Personal Transformation Pathways 
Module 4 – Releasing your MULTI-INFLUENTIAL FLOW 
Module 5 – Designing a Workable Life System
Module 6 – Roadmap for Real Results in your Life 
Debola Deji-Kurunmi; fondly called DDK, is an international speaker, author of 14 books and Founder of IMMERSE Coaching Company. As a Personal Transformation Coach, she has helped, since 2014, almost 10, 000 women upgrade into a higher version so that they can serve the world with their precise purpose. 
As a multi-influential woman, she’s been recognized and awarded one of Africa’s Most Promising Young Leaders by the US and Switzerland Governments She leads sustainable development efforts through Ideation Hub Africa and sits as a Youth Representative at the Nigerian Economic Summit Group. She serves her call to ministry as President at Deborah Initiative for Women and FIREBRAND as well as Resident Pastor, TBC Lekki, Lagos.
Debola has spent the last decade walking with women through guided personal discovery trails and equipping them to activate their inner compass of capacity, calling and contribution. Learn more about DDK –
“I am absolutely inspired by DDK’s can-do attitude and drive! Her genuine love and passion that shines through as powerful forces driving her work. Learning these principles from you have influenced my work and how I lead my teams. DDK is always on to something, even when she is seemingly silent, she is sure executing. Looking at how you deliver excellently on many levels, one can’t even be tempted to be complacent”. – Bolutife Oladidupo, CEO, BestHomes Inc. 






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