Police Arrest Woman And Friend For Torturing And Posting Nude Video Of Husband’s Mistress Online


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The Anambra State police have arrested a woman, Tochukwu Azotani, and her friend, Ogochukwu Nwankwo, who allegedly stripped and flogged a woman they claimed, was her husband’s mistress.

The women also recorded the incident and posted it on the internet.

Premium Times reported that Tochukwu Azotani’s husband had invited the victim, Ogochukwu Okafor, to his house. Soon, Tochukwu appeared and accused the victim of sleeping with her husband.

Tochukwu, together with her friend, stripped and flogged Ogochukwu and then recorded the video, which appeared on many social media platforms.

In the video, Ogochukwu was pushed out of the house still naked into the compound of the house and as she ran, Tochukwu recorded the incidence while her friend flogged her.

The police has however, arrested Tochukwu, her husband and her friend for the assault.

In a statement written by Ogochukwu, she claimed that on March 19 at about 11:36 a.m, she was invited by her male Facebook friend, Ifeanyi Azotani, to his house at Ezimezi village in Amawbia.

“All of a sudden, a woman who claimed to be his wife, Azotani Tochukwu, appeared in the house with her friend, Ogochukwu Nwankwo, and locked her inside the bathroom for almost four hours and left.”

When the women came back, they were with two big canes and then they started flogging her as Tochukwu recorded.

Ogochukwu explained that Tochukwu called her on phone the following day and demanded N60,000 or she would post her nude video on the internet.

When the Ogochukwu refused to pay the money as requested, Tochukwu released the video to the internet and since then the video went viral.







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