The Village Where Childbirth Is Not Allowed


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Hannah Kosinah is pregnant with her third child and when labour comes, she must be taken outside the village to have her baby.

Hannah lives in the Ghanaian village of Mamfe Dove, where no one who lives there was born there. According to the elders of the village, one of the rules of living in the village is ‘no childbirth’, as it may offend the gods.

“When our fore-fathers came to this land, there was a voice from heaven that said: ‘if you want to stay on this land, it is a holy ground and there are rules. The rules of the land are that, no one should give birth here, no one should rear animals here and no one should be buried here,” the village elder told BBC Africa.

Many pregnant women of Mamfe Dove have had to walk long hours, even while in labour, to get out of their village and have their babies.

“I really suffered having my first child. I struggled to get a car to take me to another village to give birth. I had my second in another village too. Now there is a clinic nearby, I’ll go there to have my third,” Hannah, who wants the law to be abolished in her village as surrounding villages have abolished the law and allows their pregnant women have their babies in the village.

Watch Hannah speak here

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