“What Are You Doing, Playing The Wife Role Without Being Married?” – Sola Allyson Is Asking Young Women Some Thought Provoking Questions


Gospel singer, Sola Allyson has some words for young women performing wifely duties for their boyfriends. On her Instagram page, the singer asked her female followers why many relationships are not working and some of the responses are that the men only want sex and then dump the lady afterwards.

In her reactions to the responses, Sola is urging young women to focus more on developing themselves rather than allowing themselves to be used by men who are only interested in their bodies.

Read her note here

Girl, you said guys are liars, and when they get what they’re looking for, they run.

Ok. Well, not all guys. I know many good and serious ones.

First and foremost, what do you have apart from your body? You that you’re a virgin, it’s very good. Who are you? Where is your substance? Where is the nobility in your character? Where is the “omoluwabi-ness” in you? Where is the sense? Wisdom? Have you found yourself? What are your needs? Are you fixing yourself? Or is it just about your shape and your slaying?😏

You see, men have needs too. Emotional, psychological, various needs, it’s a two way thing, everyone has needs. There is a baby somewhere inside him looking up to you too. All that macho covering is a mask. He hides it because the society gave him a false interpretation of manhood. You must be able to meet his needs too. Can you be trusted to absorb his feelings of being inadequate SOMETIMES? Will you be able to walk and work with him? Are you growing your inner strength?

Then, about this sex thing. We shouldn’t even be discussing this! Keep your body! Sex is not priority in a relationship! Knowing each other and building friendship is! It’s like eating hot yam, it’ll scald your tongue! And the pain runs deep… Why are you committing too much of your soul and body into the hands of a boy who only has the nomenclature of man? What are you doing, playing the wife role without being married? Why are you allowing him have undeserving access to your soul, and body?

Sex is not priority! SEX IS NOT LOVE! Sex is not commitment! A guy can enjoy sex with anybody! A guy who doesn’t have self control about his mind is not yet a man! It’s from the mind that sex starts, then the blood rushes “down-below”😎. If he can’t control sexual stimuli, how can he have control over life’s important issues! Can you see that he easily moves onto another girl?

Why are you sharing your body with a guy that only wants to satisfy his curiosity and how he can experiment with a Woman’s body?

What value do you place on yourself? It’s sad girl, that you don’t know yourself and what you’re made of! You’re supposed to “smell” a man not for you from afar! But have you not quietened your “sensing” ability because you want to be sophisticated and “woke”? Well, consider it. Where is your dignity?

Zip up joo! Work on getting better. Sharpen your spiritual antenna. Add skill to skill. Gain more knowledge. You’re more than a toy for boys, please! REFUSE to be used as experiment by boys who want to test how to have sex!
Many things to discuss, but these are the points most of you raised.
You know I love you, even with these my words. You’re my kind. I love you, toughly🥰😎.

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