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When She Looks At Her Son, The Journey Of 16 Years Feels Like 16 Days


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Gorgeous got married in her teens but had to wait for 16 years before she had her first child. But with her son in her arms, the journey of 16 years looks like 16 days.

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When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream. Psa 126 : 1.

I still can’t fantom that I’m a MOTHER. I look at my son steady and say to myself, so this is mine? All these years I’ve been using my sisters kids to cover my shame, didn’t want to be pitied 😢 I come out strong and fulfilled but in my war room, all I do is cry to God, asking him what I’ve done to deserve this wilderness I’m in, knowing that I got married in my teens.

The journey of 16 years looked like 16days because of this angel I call “Hubby” a man that will take a bullet for me and still come to check my body to make sure I don’t have a wound 😢 People called me “pampered wife” because of the way he spoils me with Love. His  words, “we can neva be childless” during our wait gave me strength 💪🏼and the day we found out we were pregnant, he broke down in tears.

For the first time in 16years, I saw my husband cry 😢 Seeing him in tears made me cry like a baby. Husbands like u re rare. You are not human, you are an angel in disguise, and someone said u deserve an award “Man of the year Award” and others said, I should never in my life do u bad 🙏

Thank you Akwa’m for Everything just don’t have an option but to tell the world how grateful I am.

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