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Woman Shares How She Conceived Naturally While In The Process Of Doing IVF After Many Years Of Waiting


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Queen Esther lost her first marriage because the wait for a child was becoming too long. She later remarried a man that loved her but they still had to wait for a child.  Queen Esther and her husband decided to do the IVF procedure and were already having tests done when they realized she had conceived naturally.

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I was sent out of my first husband house simply because I couldn’t bear a child… it broke me down that I began to understand his reason why he told me to leave . But I am not a heavy thinker…if something doesn’t get my way I let it goooo.
After some years , I met another handsome man and we both fell in love despite all I had been through , he stood there by me.

But reality got us, we still had to wait for a child.

But God called me to go into my ministry of songs, which I obeyed.
My husband was supportive about the IVF and i had to put it on hold for a bit to pursue my dreams as a singer, then my husband this time got angry cos I wanted to put the IVF on hold since I would be busy traveling to Nigeria to work on my project .

So I obeyed my husband while I prepared for my project. But in the process, while I was on it and doing a lot of hospital test before the IVF, my husband got the news.  The doctor surprisingly told my husband I was pregnant while at the process of doing my IVF .

He was stunned ! He couldn’t believe it. He came home and didn’t know how to even break the GOOD NEWS about my being pregnant. Even when he told me that we don’t have to do the IVF again, I told him not even play jokes on me, I am doing the IVF.

This time he was serious!!! He said “ Baby we are pregnant 🤰!!!!! To be candid, I couldn’t express how happy I was and also how doubtful my thoughts were about the news.  Immediately, we went for a test. We had our baby without IVF.

Marvelous, our baby is a miracle child and I’m forever grateful for this gift from God . God showed up for me and I pray that everyone waiting in line for this miracle will have surely do smile.

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