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Babablwa Mtshawu Speaks On Being An Intersex Who Is Genetically Male But Physically Female And Is Going Through Menopause


Babablwa Mtshawu has XY chromosomes (male) instead of XX (female), which makes her genetically male but physically female.

As a result of this, Babablwa is an intersex.

Planned Parenthood explains intersex as a person born with a combination of male and female biological characteristics, such as chromosomes or genitals, which makes it hard for doctors to assign their sex as male or female.

“Yeah, I don’t get my periods because I don’t have a womb,” Babablwa, who is presently going through menopause, tells BBC Africa.

Intersex is said to be more common than people realize as it is a naturally occurring difference in humans, and isn’t a medical problem.

“I’m going through menopause because I was born with internal testes and they were taken out and that started my menopause and I’m taken hormone replacement therapy” Babablwa explains.

Babablwa notes that nobody can decide for an intersex because an intersex who is still a child can grow up to be whatever gender they choose to be.

For intersex who are afraid to come out and tell their story, Babablwa says that they should come out and share their story when they are ready to.

Watch her speak here

'We're lovers. She's intersex, I'm not.'

"I'm intersex, I don't get periods and I'm going through menopause."Babalwa is intersex – she says she is genetically male, but physically female. She and her partner Thando spoke to our health programme Life Clinic about why that makes her a 'unicorn'.

Posted by BBC News Africa on Tuesday, April 23, 2019



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