“Do You Know That When I Had Cause To Speak Up Against Previous Governments, My Business, My Personal Life, My Finances Were Attacked?”- Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde


Popularly known as an actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde doubles as an activist, who hates to watch things go wrong.

Few weeks ago, she tweeted to the presidency on how people are suffering under his watch, noting the lack of money in circulation, coupled with insecurity. But, she was attacked for this tweet as some people accused her of trying to get the government’s attention for herself and not just for the citizens.

While she completely ignored these accusations, Omotola said that she faces the same fear that the average Nigerian come across everyday and is entitled to speaking out as a citizen.

In her chat with TheGuardian, she explained that speaking against the power that be can be very risky as she is putting everything, including her family in line, however, her love for Nigeria will not make her keep quiet in the face of wrongdoing.

She said,

I’m not overwhelmed by the reactions, especially the negative ones. I expected them. These ones were just talk. I faced bullets before. I faced military men pointing guns at me, and so, the negative reactions were nothing to me. And why would I want to ruffle any nest? Who doesn’t want to hide his or her head?

Do you know that when I had cause to speak up against previous governments, I was attacked? Not by words alone. But my business, my personal life, my finances were attacked. It is not something I enjoy doing, but sometimes, I worry too like every other normal human being. I worry for my safety. I worry for the safety of people around me.

People think this is a joke. They think it is funny. They think it is something somebody just wakes up to do. I don’t have a choice than to speak the truth. I live here and I’m a born activist. I’m not just an activist, because I want to talk or I want people to notice me, this is who I’m.

I have been like this since I was a child. Everybody who knew me as a child would tell you that Omotola wouldn’t stand injustice. I’m that person who will speak out. Sometimes, I fight against myself too. I am like shut up, shut up; you don’t have to say everything. Keep quiet. I guess you can’t fight whom God has made you.



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