Nigerian Men Answer The Question “Should Married Women Buy Properties In Their Husband’s Name Or Theirs?”


Nigerian men seem to be aware that the Nigerian culture, especially in the area of marriage does not favour women as much as the men. It is even sad to note that women are the first suspect when they lose their husbands.

So, asides from the accusations from their husband’s family members, they also get to lose the properties they worked hard together to get with their late husbands.

Nigerian media company, Daily Trust asked a question on twitter about if married women should buy properties in their husband’s names and it sparked a conversation that revealed that the life of a widow is harder than imagined.

According to a lot of people, it is better that a married woman buys properties in her own name. According to these people, she can be kicked out of her marriage and her property becomes her husband’s or she can also lose her husband suddenly and her property is forcefully taken away from her by her husband’s family.

Infact, a twitter user, @THATPHCBoy shared some tips on how women, who suddenly lost their husbands can secure their properties before their husband’s family comes calling for them. According to him, women need to protect themselves as the culture of the land already supports the men.

Some men also shared stories, advising women to be smarter about this issue.



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