Pastor Anita’s Article About Dying Marriages Is Heartbreaking But True


In the latest article on her blog, Pastor Anita talks about “…the reality of a dead marriage, where a spouse spends many years of endless hope in anticipation for a change, enduring a relationship that is bereft of life.”

According to her, this situation used to be somebody’s experience and is also another person’s present state of affair.

The article, which is titled, Happy Anniversary to the best couple in the world,” has been shared over 3000 times on Facebook.

Read the article below

Wife: Hello

Husband: How are you?

Wife: I amgood. How is your day?

Husband: Good

Wife: Today is our anniversary. Happy Anniversary.

Husband: Happy anniversary.

Wife: I noticed many greetings on social media wishing us a happy anniversary. I find it confusing to read comments from your close friends saying “ best couple in the world”; it sounds like a complete joke, when they know we rarely see each other. We see each other at most ten days in a year; I can’t understand their reason for making this comment, such flattery. It is confusing to me.

Husband: Well, at least they sent their greetings.

Wife: Their greetings are on social media, no contact by text or by email.

Husband: Silence

Wife: Hello

Husband: Yes

Wife: I sometimes wonder if we are married. There is nothing more to this relationship to indicate we are married apart from a ring on my finger; the ring is another story, and our pictures are interjected because we are rarely together to take a proper picture. I feel sad that we are not together.

Husband: Look, I have told you over and over again that we cannot live in the same country because we are very busy andone countryis too small for both of us. I expect you should be able to figure that out.

Wife: One country is too small for us?

Husband: Yes and you keep coming back to ask the same question.

Wife: Okay. Since you don’t often call either, please call the children, at least once a month. They go on for months without speaking with you. I noticed they don’t seem to care anymore.

Husband: Okay

Wife: That is about all.

Husband: Silence (breathing sound)

Wife: Have a beautiful day.

Husband: Silence (breathing sound)

Wife: Bye

Husband: Silence (breathing sound)

Wife: Hello

Husband: Silence (Goes off the Phone)

Wife: Okay



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