This Is Why Abena Yalley Thinks Rape Is About Power


The story of a 27-year-old Alowale Salu, who confessed to raping his neighbour because she rejected his advances, has started a conversation online.

Alowale explained that he had to rape his neighbour to gain his respect back as she had turned him down on many occasions. According to him, if she had accepted the first time he asked her out, there would have been no need to get sex from her with a gun.

A twitter user, Abena Yalley who commented on this, noted that rape has always been about power as she shared her own experience.

Read her story here

Why rape is about POWER! Years ago, we used to live in an apartment with this man. He repeatedly asked me out but I had zero interest so I repeatedly turned him down and even telling my mom to warn him off. In 2019,we start meeting up at the gym and he comment about how disappointed he was when I rejected his advances etc AND THEN he straight up told me that HE SHOULD HAVE RAPED ME and I would have agreed to date him because of shame! Wow, it felt soo surreal listening to this guy talking about rape so casually

I asked him whether he done this before and he shrugged with a smirk . That was when it hit me that rapists thrive and feed on the shame of the victim! This is a supposedly ‘well respected’ man in society who sits at the front row in church! Is supposed to be happily married and a role model for young people (I spit on that). I see one of his kids here slandering women all the time. So that @eketiette rape story, I know it too well because I could have been a victim. Take that Shame power from rapists and report them




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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Faith Okon

    Faith Okon

    April 25, 2019 at 8:53 am

    I tell you

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