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This Is Why We Think Tomike And Layinka Are Friendship Goals!


Following the success of her wedding, EbonyLifeTV presenter, Tomike put up some posts on her Instagram page to appreciate her friends who came through for her.

However, of all the posts she made, one stands out for us.

Tomike’s friend, Layinka, who is also a makeup artiste did not collect a dime for her services to Tomike during her wedding ceremony which took four days and Tomike couldn’t be more grateful to how selfless her friend is to her.

Read her thank you note here

Can we take a moment to appreciate the force that is my sugar mama @tmtbylayinka !!!

You see ehn, the bond between @tmtbylayinka is beyond make up artist and client! @tmtbylayinka is one of the most selfless individuals I’ve ever met! The way she roots for her people is mind blowing! Always recommending me for one job or the other! I bless the day I met you!

When we started planning the wedding last year, I said @tmtbylayinka Oya o how much should we put in the budget for makeup(shoot inclusive)
@tmtbylayinka said “are you okay? How much what? Go away joor” 😂😂 I said ahhh you know it’s about 4 days in total o! You can’t do that o! She said “Tomike if you like, use one month to do your wedding like those in the north, I will be there and I won’t collect a dime from you”

I no know when I start to dey cry😭😭😭🤣😂
She didn’t have to do that you know! I mean, this wedding period showed me so many people’s true color ehn😂(story for another day! In short, Ada said she will write the list of their names for me😂)

But TMT came through for me ! She not only did my make up, she did my mums make up on both days! @tmtbylayinka You’re such a sweet soul! The way you take care of me I can’t even explain it! You bent down to pack money for me on my wedding day! Looked out for me at all times, danced with me, laughed with me, cried with me, stood by me and fixed everything fixable! You’re amazing!

The way you slayed my make up ehnnn! The product shopping you did for me just for the wedding nko???😂😂you went all out!!! I cried and cried and cried on both days but my make up was intact ! E no shift anywhere 😂 was on fleeek from morning till night! You’re so good at what you do! I bet you can beat my face in your dreams or with your eyes closed sef😂

@tmtbylayinka I pray from the depth of my heart that the God that we serve will reward you abundantly in Jesus name! You will not labor in vain in Jesus name! God shall continually bless you! From this moment henceforth, your business begins to flourish like never before! We’re going global this year in Jesus mighty name! I love you so much!


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