Tonto Dikeh Is Setting The Records Straight About Her Son Bearing Her Surname


Tonto Dikeh celebrated Mother’s Day with a video of her caressing a picture album showing of her son.

“Being A mother has by far been the best thing that ever happened to me and having you My baby boy (KING ANDRE DIKEH) @kingandre_dikeh has been my greatest blessing!!”, part of her Mother’s Day message read.

While many were impressed by the video and the message, others noticed her son’s name was as ‘King Andre Dikeh’ instead of his father’s name and as expected, they criticised and advised her against shutting out the father from the life of their son.

These comments did not go down well with the actress and she made sure to set the records straight with those concerned.

In a now deleted post, the actress noted that no one has the right to tell her what to do as regards her son.

“You people are sick in the head for questioning me about my son’s name!! Hold up, any of you fuckers helped me push this baby? Did I give birth and it was your vagina or dick hole that expanded? Any of you pay all his goddamn bills? If the answer is No, you are a glorified idiot!! #MyChild, who came from my body, worry about yours. #KINGANDANDREHDIKEH #DIKEH”, she wrote.

Meanwhile, a fan of the actress explained why the child is bearing her name according to the Igbo tradition.

“The baby is bearing her surname because the husband has collected his bride price. The boy will now become the son of whoever tonto marries in future, that is our tradition…”

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