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6 Naija Women Tell Us How They Would Feel If Their Partner Is Not Interested In Planning Their Wedding


When it comes to planning a wedding, women are more interested and involved than men are. But what if a man is  totally uninterested in all the planning?

We asked some Naija women and they shared their thoughts.


On a normal day, I would say yes it’s a bad sign but now, I’m engaged to be married and I can say, no it’s not. At least weighing the level . From the day my fiance engaged me, I started picking my colour even though I knew in 5 months time I won’t get married. Women love to plan way ahead of time, most men don’t!

We are two months plus to the wedding and I picked the wedding colour, I pick the caterer, baker, all he says is “baby just give me the figure, what’s the cost?” We go together to buy my bride price list stuff, but every planning is on me (atleast 85%) and I understand because when I look at him, he works so hard to make sure he gives me d money to meet whatever budget I write. It will make no sense to overburden him with wedding planning stress. But like I said, how uninterested is he? Is he refusing to give cash, or he doesn’t want to hear anything at all about the wedding, or he’s reluctant to meet your family?


So far he is dropping a huge cheque, I don’t need him to plan with me, after all I planned mine myself


If you have actually gone through ur own wedding, you will find out that 95 % of the grooms are uninterested in the wedding details and planning. Sad truth, but it doesn’t mean they don’t love you or don’t want to marry you. It’s just the way guys are, not all mind you. But most. So NO. It is NOT a red flag on its own


How will u not be interested in planning your own wedding? Run away. It’s a NO. Call the wedding off. Don’t waste your time or money.


A certain level of interest is good but often times its really a big trouble for the guys because it’s really hard to please a woman. One minute she wants this, the next minute, she wants something else…


Well, men mostly think if it was just them, they would pay bride price. Simple family gathering and take their wives, so you see that extra extra, they believe they are just doing what the lady wants.

So, since its not their idea but yours, they expect you to do the planning and preparation as they will stil bring the money. But if he is completely uninterested, thats a red flag.




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