“I Was In My 20s Before I Believed I Was Anything Good And Beautiful” – Sola Allyson


Sometimes in life, you don’t see anything good about yourself until someone calls your attention to it. And even when they do, you tend not to believe it because of the deep negative thought you have of you.

Sola Allyson has once felt this way and she has a story to tell about it. However, she wants you to know that you are all things beautiful.

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You are beautiful!
Yes. You. As in iwo gangan! Ha, you donbilivit??? I am serious o, I mean it, you are beautiful! You don’t realise it because of those words you heard while growing up, because you heard more negative things said about you. You were not validated. Instead you heard words that made you feel ugly and “just there”.

I remember sometime in 1997/98, I was working as a Secretary at Electrowave Limited, Berkley street, off Moloney, Obalende Lagos. My good and fatherly Boss then, Mr. Eka told me to smile more because the few times I did, my smile “could light up the whole world.” That was the first time someone would compliment anything about how I looked!

I was wondering, “me? Which smile? So it means I’m fine? Hen en? My smile? Light up anywhere?” It took me some time to sink it in that something was beautiful about me. Then there was Mr. Okey Uba’s relative that was always calling from “the abroad” to leave a message for his brother, who told me I sounded so nice on phone…

Then I met Baba Dr. Wole Adetiran who, on hearing me sing for the first time, said “striker l’omo yen!”, likening my voice to the position of a Ronaldo in football… I was in my 20s before I believed I was anything good and beautiful.

It had always been there. But being on life’s bad side was presenting me a lie that nothing good or nothing much could come out of me… It still took a while, years after then for me to completely and irrevocably believe that I am beautiful, full of substance, in all. Oh, now, I KNOW! I am beautiful, not just outside but my inside is filled with treasures inestimable!

You are beautiful. Guy, Girl, you are! It is only what you see now that’s making you not see it well. You are!  These happenings now are only sharply cutting you into shape. It’s painful, I know. I identify. I have my own scars too. It’s like you’re being chiseled into the proper image for fulfilling your purpose. When the shaping is done, the beauty would be clear for you and all to see! The substance! Keep working. Keep walking. Pay attention to The Spirit’s guiding… #Yóòdáa!
#ÓDÁA! ❤



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