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What do you do when you find out that the man that promised to stay faithful to you forever has been cheating on you with other women?

Should you forgive him in spite of the betrayal you feel and give the marriage a second chance or you should you just walk away from the marriage?

If you forgive him and decide to work on your marriage, how can you be sure he will not do it again? How can you begin to trust him back?

What should you do if cheating has become his way of life and he does not want to change? Should you still stay with him knowing that he will always be cheating on you?

What are the things you need to consider before you decide to stay in the marriage or leave the marriage?

These questions and more, are what Nigerian women have been asking on Woman.NG and other women support groups on social media for many years. Many women just want to know what to do when they find themselves with an unfaithful husband.

While it can be hard to tell a woman what to do in her marriage, it is possible to present practical advice that has been helping other women who have been in the same situation.

That is what we have done by putting together this guide.

Our aim is to give you practical advice that will give you the clarity you need to decide if you should stay in the marriage or leave, and also what to do and expect if you decide to stay.




Title: What You Should Do If Your Husband Is Cheating On You

Writing Style: Straight to the point, easy to read.

Number Of Pages: 9

Estimated Reading Time: 30 mins

Format: Electronic (PDF)

Writers: The Married Women Of Woman.NG

Price: Free


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