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This Photo Of Mr Macaulay And His Five Daughters Reminds Me Of Something My Father Told Me 8 Years Ago



Growing up, I remembered my father telling me and my sisters that he really didn’t care if we were girls, that he would make sure we went to the university and achieve what he couldn’t as he didn’t have the privilege to.

One day, while I was preparing to leave for University, he told me to be careful of what I did in school (the regular advice of a Nigerian father). What touched me however was that a friend of his had come visiting a day before and had told him not to waste his effort on his children because ‘they are just girls.’ He told my dad not to bother about sending us to school.

“These girls will end up in the kitchen even if they have a degree; just let them learn a skill and marry them off. There’s no need for wasting money,” my dad’s friend told him.

When my dad told me, I appreciated him more and it made me work harder.

I feel sad that there are still many people who place so much importance on having sons than daughters.

It is however interesting to know that not all men share this view. The world is evolving with women taking charge.

When I saw this photo of Mr Macaulay and his five daughters, I remembered my father and his sacrifices for his four daughters.

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In a world where overt materialism has taken precedence over all, where the desire for money, to be relevant in the socio-political and economic realm has permanently confined us into the constraints of tug for supremacy and its hegemony. Where all the isms and thesis are breed into our mindsets from infancy we loose track of our role here, that our existence as a being is to pro-create and leave seeds that shall germinate and bloom. The richest man is not that which his pocket is full of money, but that which his offspring blossoms in unity and spirituality! {MR MACAULY and HIS FIVE GIRLS} #wedding #weddings #weddingphotography #weddingphotographer #weddinginspiration #weddingseason #nigerianwedding #nigerianweddingphotographer #asoebi #asoebibella #traditional #yorubawedding #yorubabride #owanbe #cultural #fatherhood #father #daddysgirl #daddyslittlegirl #family #londonwedding #londonweddingphotographer #beautiful #bellanaijaweddings #philosophy #joy #creativity @weddingdigestnaija @africansweetheartweddings @bellanaijaweddings @nigerianwedding @welovenaijaweddings @officialweddingmagazine @loveweddingsng @asoebiafrica @asoebibella @asoebispecial @lovephilosophy @philosophydaily @writing_inspiration @weddingdream @weddingdiary

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THE MOTHER! Like the Earth that gives, evidently and eventually inheriting all, fertilising the seed and birthing in excruciating pain, nurturing from infancy in pure instincts, as the earthling negates with the season, she diplomate through her seed in simulated cohesion, knowing which to give affection and which to look to when in need of affection. The wise owl, the all seeing eye, marking out weakness and strength in her children with compassion. The father is but a donor, a pin to connect a dot, he is biological and genetic predisposition, the mother is the god, she owns and inherit all, from the pain to the pleasure, the failures to the haul of treasures. She is the root to a branch that stems to offsprings.. {MRS MACAULY and HER FIVE GIRLS} #wedding #weddings #weddingphotography #weddingphotographer #weddinginspiration #weddingseason #asoebi #asoebibella #asoebiafrica #yorubawedding #nigerianwedding #nigerianweddingphotographer #gele #family #familygoals #familyphotography #mommyanddaughter #loveweddingsng #bellanaijaweddings #londonweddingphotographer #londonwedding #philosophy #philosopher #engagement #nikkah #beautiful #writing #writersofinstagram @africansweetheartweddings @bellanaijaweddings @weddingdigestnaija @weddingdiary @weddingdream @loveweddingsng @asoebiafrica @asoebibella @asoebispecial @nigerianwedding @philosophydaily @lovephilosophy @writing_inspiration @welovenaijaweddings @yorubawedding

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