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9 Naija Women Tell Us How They React To Failure


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We all experience failure but we all don’t react to it in the same way. We asked some Naija women what their reaction is when they fail, and they had these to say.


I hide for a few days and cry, then I pray and hand it over to God.


I cry. After I have recovered from it, I think over why I failed, then try other ways that I can achieve success.


For example, when it’s business involved, I try different methods and see which would work. There’s a saying that doing the same thing over won’t give you a new result.


I get really down and sad, then I try not to dwell on that for too long. Afterwards, I look for other ways to make it work.


I feel very down especially when I put in all my energy, sometimes I breakdown for a few days. I get a little relieved when I cry my heart out and then a take a long sleep, when I’m up, I just move on with life.


I just feel like giving up, but when I think about what I stand to achieve if I continue, it makes me stronger to put in more effort.


Failure devastates me. I HATE failing and making mistakes. But right after that, I start checking what went wrong and how I could have made it right. Then I take some time out to plan again before re-launching.


I get moody and cry, and I always do have at the back of my mind that giving up isn’t the solution. So I think positive and yes it makes me stronger.


Failure makes me really broken! But I either stay broken or dust myself up for better days ahead.


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