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An Open Letter To The Friend Who Gave Me a ‘Shoe’ But Want My ‘Leg’ In Return


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Dear Ms B,

I remember the day we reunited on Facebook after not seeing each other since we left secondary school. I put a sad status on my Facebook, and you contacted me asking me if everything was okay, I opened up to you and said I was struggling financially and as we were speaking my baby was in the hospital.

You chastised me for putting a depressing status on Facebook and encouraged me to be prayerful, I thanked you and we ended the chat. Two days later you sent me a message asking for my bank account and immediately you sent me N50, 000. I was so happy, I called you and thanked you.

You added me on Whatsapp, you also added me to the chat group of our secondary school set. I checked your Facebook page and saw you are doing well for yourself; I will not lie, I was happy to be connected to an old classmate doing so well.

You started chatting with me on Whatsapp, you bashed my husband for not having a job even after I explained that he had just lost it and he is looking for another one. You queried me for having two children when my salary is just N70, 000. I told you that the second one was not planned, and then you started calling me and my husband names for being irresponsible.

You asked me if I have ever been out of the country, and when I said no, you said my husband is not a real man if at my age I have not even been to Ghana. All these, I stomached because I felt you were just trying to motivate me to do better in life.

You started sending me on errands. The first one you did, you called me at 8 am on a Saturday and said I should go and pick something from someone and take it to another person. I dropped my children with my neighbour and jumped on the road, it was not convenient but I did it because you gave me 50k when my child was sick.

I carried out three of this type of errands for you. The fourth time, I said no, because there was no one around to leave my children with and you were very angry, you called me an ingrate indirectly. I was really pained but I didn’t say anything.

On the chat group of our secondary school set, someone posted that she was getting married and invited all of us. I typed ‘congratulations’. You called me immediately and started screaming on the phone that you forbid me from going to the wedding because the lady antagonizes you on the group.

You said if I go you will block me on all platforms and will never help me again, then you cut the phone before I could even respond. I was not even planning to go; I have not even talked to the person in many years.

I shed tears after that call; I asked myself, do I want to continue putting up with your condescension and abuse forever, because of the money you gave me. Is my self-esteem and peace of mind not worth more than 50k?  I waited till the weekend when I received my salary and I transferred your 50k back to you.

I knew you got it because you blocked me on WhatsApp and all social media immediately.

From Ms T

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥




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