Chinelo Agim Is Teaching Women In Their 30s How To Become Millionaires Before They Clock 40



The desire to achieve financial freedom becomes intensified as we go through our 30s. Like never before, many women start to work harder towards securing their financial futures before it’s too late. If this is your situation right now, Chinelo Agim is leading a movement that may interest you.


About Chinelo Agim

Chinelo Agim is a Banker, Business Development professional, web developer and money mindset coach. She has worked with and managed thousands of businesses, ranging from entrepreneurs, through SMEs to large Corporates for over 6+ years. She is also the founder of The Money Mindset Boss


Why She Started The ‘Millionaire Woman By 40’ Movement

Dealing with these businesses and interacting with my colleagues in the office, I came to a shocking realization that most businesses and individuals that, based on a standard judgment, one would consider financially stable are actually what I would describe as “copper plated with gold”. They appear rich, wear expensive clothing, use expensive phones they had not finished paying for, drive rented cars and live in mortgaged homes. Interacting with them on a deeper level revealed that they are simply living a life of charade, with no savings whatsoever, let alone retirement funds. So, I thought to myself, something has to happen.

Families are headed for the rock financially. The way our parents strived to save up for their retirements is no longer the way this generation thinks. We have access to loans and credit cards, and thus tend to spend even more than we earn – unfortunately on things that do not even add to our growth and development.

This led to a movement: Millionaire Woman By 40. The focus is on The Tricenarian Woman (women in their 30’s). I am so passionate about this project. 30 is a very strategic age. It is an age when you begin to discover yourself on a deeper level, you feel the urge to take charge of your financial life, the burning desire to evolve and thrive, you bear the pressure of trying to balance family and career, etc.

Having grown up in a not-so-comfortable family, where my parents lived from paycheque to paycheque, I totally understand the necessity of a woman to be in control of her finances especially at that age. A lot is hinged on your finance at this age. So Millionaire Woman By 40 (The Tricenarian Woman) is borne out of the desire to lead these women to make millions before they clock 40.


How She Does It

We have a closed Whatsapp Group that costs  N1,000 to gain access to (contact 08093396014; 09038626718), where we share business ideas for those who wish to venture into simple businesses that would make them money.

I teach them fail-proof ways to accumulate wealth within the next decade to ensure they never struggle again financially.

I teach them how to modify their money mindset to avoid sabotaging their sincere efforts to achieve financial abundance.

I invite professionals in the financial sector to educate them on financial literacy via webinars.

We share cost-saving tips that would enable them to cut down on their unnecessary expenses.

For the ones interested, we engage in target contributions in different tiers.

We suggest investment opportunities where they can invest and achieve multiplier effects on their funds, etc.

We are deeply committed to achieving a millionaire status before age 40, and it doesn’t matter how much income you earn monthly, because we have proved that becoming a millionaire is not about how much you earn but how much you keep. It’s a group you would want to be in.


How To Join The Movement

Mail to:

Phone: 08093396014; 09038626718



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1 Comment

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