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We have featured/profiled over 2,000 women, introducing their work to our large audience of Nigerian women who are always eager to discover, support, and be inspired by women doing awesome things.

You should be known, recognized, celebrated, and supported for the great work you do with your business or passion projects, let us shine the spotlight on you too!


About Woman. NG

Woman.NG is the first blog solely created for and focused on Nigerian women.  We have published thousands of articles and posts across multiple platforms, and have reached millions of people.


Aim Of Feature

>>  To expose your work to a wide audience of Nigerian women beyond your own network and social media.

>>  To register your work in people’s minds by sharing the inspiring stories behind what you do.

>>  To shine the spotlight on you and on the great work you do because you deserve it!

>> To help in amplifying your voice, especially if you are trying to build a personal brand.

>> To have your business/project’s footprints in an online space apart from social media.


What You Will Get

>>  A feature on you and your business or passion projects will be written and published on www. woman.ng

>> A personalized URL (on request) you can add to your media portfolio, e.g. www. woman.ng/ChineloAgim

>>  The feature will also be posted on Woman.NG Facebook page which has over 450,000 followers

>> It will also be posted on Woman—NG Instagram page  which has over 64,000 followers.

>> It will also be sent to all the women subscribed to our notification list.



>> You can also submit one article on any topic whenever you want, to be published on Woman.NG. This is particularly good if you are trying to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field and build a portfolio of published works.


How To Proceed

>> Click here to pay N8,000

>> Send payment evidence to info@woman.ng

>> We will confirm receipt and ask you a few questions to help us put the feature together.

>> We will let you know when it will be published on Woman.NG blog and social media pages.

Please note that we will include your name and your photo in the feature.


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“Lots of women are shy and hesitant to promote their own projects and worry that it’s braggy… you are not being braggy, you are doing people a favor by letting them know what awesome things you’ve done! Don’t be shy about sharing your projects!” – Amy Wibowo, Founder of BubbleSort Zines

“There are many people less qualified than you being recognized and rewarded for what they do simply because they decided to put themselves out there. Women need to embrace visibility and stop hiding in the background. The work you do is important, don’t be afraid to be seen and to be heard!” – Mary Anthony, Founder

“Many of the successful female entrepreneurs we know today do not limit their business and personal brand to social media. The internet is bigger than Instagram, if you have the opportunity to get visibility on other online media platforms, take it!” – Jess, Personal Branding Coach


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Email: info@woman.ng

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