Olumuyiwa Adejuwon Is Here To Help Women Entrepreneurs Raise Funds For Their Businesses


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One of the biggest challenges women face in starting and growing their businesses is getting access to funding. No matter how great your ideas are, it will be hard to turn them into profitable businesses if you are not able to get the funding you require.

In order to help women overcome this challenge, Olumuyiwa Adejuwon has started Trouve Argent Consulting, a firm that helps women to access funding to start and grow their businesses.


About Olumuyiwa Adejuwon

Olumuyiwa Adejuwon is the Founder of Trouve Argent Consulting, a firm poised to assist female entrepreneurs and women-led businesses access funding for their start-ups and business growth. She has over 18 years of experience working with multinationals and in areas covering financial advisory, audit, due diligence and human resources.


Why She Started Trouve Argent Consulting

Trouve Argent Consulting is born out of a passion to see women succeed at their businesses and in fact, become icons in their industries.

As a wife, mother or single mum, it can be very challenging managing both the home front and business, given the societal expectations that women should focus mainly on the home. This burden of expectation takes a toll on how much women can do with some of the activities required to position them for business success.

It is said that Cash is the oxygen of one’s business but unfortunately, one of the major limiting factors for growth expansion of start-ups remains access to finance. The knowledge of the funding options and opportunities, as well as the soundness of preparation to access these opportunities, is lacking especially amongst our womenfolk. Therefore, the goal of Trouve Argent Consulting is to address this and position more women for business fundraising success.


How Trouve Argent Consulting Can Help You

Business fundraising – through loans, grants, competitions or investment – requires intense preparations. First, you must find the funding opportunities and then, position yourself for success. Steps that require appropriate knowledge and adequate efforts.

Trouve Argent Consulting will help make this easier by providing you with a variety of advisory services covering, but not limited to business plan preparations, grant writing and search for funding opportunities. They present and connect you with funding opportunities and options relevant to your industry and particularly, your business.

They define women-led businesses as those with at least one woman in the management team or board of directors and they are as enthusiastic about working with such businesses as much as they are about those with hundred per cent female ownership.





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You are invited

We will be hosting the CEO of Kuda Bank, Babs Ogundeyi at 7 pm on 5th June on our IG handle as he discusses his entrepreneurial story. Subsequently, we would be holding training on tips for writing a solid business plan. Further details about this will be available on all our social media handles.


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