Omolaramide Amubieya Is Teaching People How To Find Clarity When They Feel Stuck In Their Jobs


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“How do I stop feeling so stuck?” is a question many of us have asked at different points in our lives.

If you know how it feels to be stuck at a job you no longer love, stuck in the daily routine that no longer excites you or just stuck trying to decide what next to do with your life, then you will appreciate this great work Omolaramide Amubieya is doing through the Inner Essence Factory.


About Omolaramide Amubieya

Omolaramide is a Life and Brand Strategist at Bridge Brands and PR and the Creator of Inner Essence Factory,  a system that helps youths craft brand and business strategies for global relevance using technology-based interventions.

Omolara is a member of the planning committee of the extraordinary women in France, a group that recognises and rewards extraordinary women with exceptional entrepreneurial insight all over the World.

She is also co-founder and President of Ladies breaking boundaries, a non-governmental organization that transforms women and the girl child in Nigeria to become significant contributors to the World’s economy.


Why She Became A Life And Brand Strategist

I have worked with many people who were not satisfied with their jobs and would blame everything on every other factor except themselves. It was either that the pay was not commiserating with the value they offered; the employer didn’t appreciate them or that promotions were far apart or non-visible.

I saw people who were once excited about their job, family and life suddenly fall into this lethargic mode where nothing seemed to be working by their point of view. They felt clueless and hopeless. They were blinded by their disempowering emotions to see what the next steps should be.

Young people who had vibrant future now totally stuck in a rut. These people were friends and family, and they would come to me for counselling. I had always been able to see beyond their immediate predicament. I would go over the issues with them, and we would be able to resolve the problems for the time being.

In 2014, I also became unsettled, and it took me some time to find my path again. I felt there had to be more to life other than the rat race as we knew it. I looked at lots of people around me, and it dropped in my mind that I wouldn’t want to live the life they lived at that stage in their lives.

Something had to give. I got tired of a life of roller coaster, where you don’t have clarity or control over certain areas of your life and relationships. I took time out and decided to take the Life Coaching and Personal Branding a notch higher, I got certified.


How She Helps People Find Clarity

Through the Inner Essence Factory™  which is a tool and product of Bridge Brands and PR Consulting, she helps entrepreneurs and professionals find clarity, create strategies for their personal brands and make a name for themselves. She has helped several professionals live a life they treasure and create clear goals that have seen them to the C-suite joyfully.

She has also worked with entrepreneurs to build their own essence products, and they are happy knowing that they are doing what they were born to do and also making money from it. Her passion is to have young people excel and live in the confidence of the greatness deposited in them.


How To  Get In Touch With Omolaramide


Phone: 08185159000

Instagram: @omolaramidea @bridgebrandsandpr


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