Peace Itimi Is Teaching People, Growing Businesses And Inspiring A Generation Of Changemakers


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There is always something new to learn from Peace Itimi. It is impossible to read her writings, listen to her talk or watch her videos and not be inspired or motivated to do better in life and business. She uses her gift of teaching to simplify complex topics and break it down to action steps to aid personal growth.

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About Peace Itimi

Peace Itimi is a Digital Marketing Expert, a YouTuber and a Teacher. She is also a 2019 Nominee for The Future Awards Africa (TFAA). During the course of her career as a digital marketer, she has worked with very notable brands in Nigeria, US and the UK and has gained experience across different verticals. She currently works as the Global Growth Marketing Manager at Seedstars, a Swiss Impact and Tech Investor Company.

As a trainer, Peace has worked with organizations such as Leap Africa, Facebook, Google, CC-Hub, British council etc., and has equally trained thousands of people on marketing, branding and related subjects. Since January 2019, she has been on a mission to democratize access to marketing and business tutorials via her YouTube channel.

Peace volunteers as a chapter lead for Women Will (a grow with google initiative) where she has helped to empower over 1,500 women with business, leadership, digital and workplace skills. She is also the co-founder of Kuwaza Africa – an NGO aimed at building the next generation of African changemakers through training, mentorship and community development. Peace is proudly a YALI RLC Fellow and a Mandela Washington Fellow.


Her Motivation

Growing up in the lower-class and seeing firsthand the effects of poverty and illiteracy in her community ingrained in her, a passion for human capacity and business development with the understanding that building a sustainable future hinges on human and economic productivity.

Over the years, Peace has grown to believe that entrepreneurship & inclusive quality education is key to increasing job creation, eradicating forced labour and setting the stage for the next industrial revolution for mankind. This is why she has centred her work around growing people and businesses; from Teaching/Public Speaking, Content creation, to taking up Marketing as a career and even launching Kuwaza Africa.

Women Will was inspired by a statistics she came across sometime in 2019 – “it will take 135 years to close the gender gap in sub-Saharan Africa as against 61 years in Europe and 74 years in Latin America”; she then realized that she needed to do more for women in particular and so took up the challenge and became a chapter lead for Women Will (Lekki Chapter) thereby doing something specific for women in her community.




Instagram: @peaceitimi

Twitter: @peaceitimi

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