Thanks To Anu Sanya, Newly Weds Can Now Receive Cash Gift From Anywhere In The World


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We all know many newly married couples need cash more than they need the food warmers, plate sets, wall clocks, and the other common gifts people give them on their wedding day. After spending so much on their wedding, cash gift comes in more useful than many other things! 

Anu Sanya has created OurNuptialChest, a cash gift registry to help couples request cash gift from their wedding guest without any hassle.



Anu Sanya has worked as a sales executive within a Pan African Bank and as a Strategic Partnership Manager for Fortune 500 companies across Sub-Saharan Markets within a  Data and Marketing  Technology Company. She is now a Digital Transformation enthusiast helping Not for Profits to plan, articulate and execute their digital transformation strategies.



When her brother got married in 2013, somehow all of his wedding gifts ended up in her own house and remained there for the next few years. It was a case of many multiple copies of the same items or items that they simply didn’t need.

As they began their new life together they needed to get a new car and she thought about what if the guests that gave the gifts that remained in the store for years actually gave cash towards a car that was really important to them as they began their new life together.

She suggested the idea of a cash gift registry to her friend who was getting married in a few months away. Her friend bought into it as it was exactly what she needed because she was moving to another city to start her new life after the wedding ceremony.



OurNuptialChest is a digital service that enables a cash gift registry (a gift registry that accepts cash as an alternative to receiving traditional items like Chinaware, Clocks, Bedsheets etc) for intending couples.

Gone are the days when couples needed household items to start out their first home as man and wife. Things have changed and in most cases have set up their homes before the wedding date or chosen to live together and tie the knot much later making wedding presents such as kettles, toasters and irons become unnecessary as this item and several others would have been purchased long before.

Even more interesting is how we have evolved to become global citizens not just by Immigration/Emigration but by the network we have built from career or business opportunities.

Sometimes it is impossible to have these people physically present for our special day. The platform is designed so that couples can receive cash gifts from countries across the globe, giving friends/family from anywhere in the world to give gifts to the couple.

Frankly, most guests would love to be off-the-hook in terms of picking something from a registry. Our Nuptial Chest gives the opportunity for about to wed couples state one major item(s) they would like to purchase eg a car, a house or a honeymoon experience etc the guests can give as much (or little) as they want.

As the pandemic makes it impossible for families to join in the physical ceremonies, this platform is an opportunity for friends and family to be part of the special day regardless of their location across the world.





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