This Dolapo Oni’s Note Will Remind You We All Have Our Struggles Despite What We Post On Social Media


With social media, it is easy to think other people have perfect lives without knowing what they go through behind closed doors.

Media personality, Marcy Dolapo Oni, shared the story of a follower who messaged her to say she wishes for her kind of life because it is smooth.

In an Instagram post, Marcy explained that nobody lives a perfect life and that, not sharing her pains on social media doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any.

She said,

Someone sent me a DM this morning stating that they wish “they had my life because it is smooth and has no issues”. To be honest, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Please don’t use social media to gauge the “quality” of One’s life. Just because you don’t see someone in pain doesn’t mean they aren’t. I choose to share my pain with THE MOST HIGH!

He is the only one that will see you through any situation. So to the person that sent the DM please look to him and not to people that seemingly have a “great” life. God bless

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